Android Users Rejoice: IMessage Tapbacks Are Rolling Out On Google Messages

We’ve all experienced this situation: someone who has an Android device participates in a chat with three other friends who all have iPhones. One of them sends a cute picture of a dog to the group. Then, the one with an Android device gets two text messages which contain the following text message: “Liked an image.”

The incompatibility with iMessage and Rich Communication Services (RCS) has led to certain Android users feeling secluded from their daily interactions with iPhone playing with their buddies.

Google SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer has been trying to convince Apple to include RCS-based messaging to iMessage. In addition, Android’s default SMS MMS, RCS, and SMS app has added translation capabilities to IMessage Tapbacks.

Certain Android users will begin to see iMessage Emoji responses on texts 9to5Google reports. 9to5Google observed this feature in the latest beta version of Google Messages version 10.7, and it has been made available to some users.

At the end of the program, it is apparent that the Tapback response on iOS causes an SMS response for an Android user. Google Messages can now be configured to receive the SMS response message and then decode it to provide an equivalent response in the Google Messages application.

At present, iOS offers six different tap-back options to users. Google Messages also offers message responses for Android users. These iOS responses are now converted to a set of identical, however, different emoticons. For example, “heart” on the iOS “heart” tap back is converted to a heart-eye Emoji.

Although Google has made every effort in bringing RCS support for RCS support to iMessage, Google appears to be entering a situation where a bridge between two companies might not be made. In the course of Apple’s legal battle with Epic Games, we discovered that Apple executives were pushing back against the idea of an Android Version of iMessage due to the lock-in iMessage was able to impose for iPhone users.

However, Google is working to make sure that RCS will be the telecom’s industry-wide alternative to SMS at a minimum in the case of Android devices. Google has reached agreements with T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon to create Google Messages, the default SMS MMS, RCS, and SMS app for every Android device.

The deal guarantees that every Android user who uses Google Messages will have a similar experience, no matter which device manufacturer.

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