Google Accidentally Leaks New Pixel Design Shock

Google’s next phone is likely to be missing one of the most crucial Pixel 6 features.

One prominent feature in Pixel 6 Pro is that the Pixel 6 Pro (pictured) will not be available on the Pixel 6a.

The Google Pixel 6 range marks a significant shift to high-end flagship phones. A few of the new features of the Pixel 6 are likely to be included in the next-gen handset for mid-range called the Pixel 6a. But there’s one crucial feature that doesn’t seem to have made it into the final cut. According to a recent information from 9To5Google and 9To5Google, the yet-to-be-released Pixel 6a will be reverted to a 12.2 Megapixel primary camera based on the same old Sony IMX363 image sensor that was used within Pixel 3. Pixel 3. The backward movement is bound to shock prospective Pixel 6a buyers looking to get the same photo quality as that of the Pixel 6 at a cut-down cost.

The information is derived from the most recent version of the Google Camera app, which includes code that references the IMX363 model as well as some of the Pixel 6a specifications for the camera:

  • 12.2 Main camera with 12.2 MP that comes with Sony IMX363
  • Ultrawide 12MP camera that comes with Sony IMX386
  • 8-megapixel camera for selfies equipped with Sony IMX355

The previous Pixel smartphones relied heavily on computation photography and not the latest camera equipment to achieve impressive results. However, all that changed when Google launched Pixel 6, the Pixel 6, which replaced the Pixel 5’s outdated 12.2-Megapixel primary camera with a brand new 50-megapixel model that delivers substantially better quality.

It is not all bad news for the Pixel 6a, however, as the same report claims that the smartphone will inherit the Google Tensor GS101 processor from the Pixel 6, which powers most of the flagship’s powerful machine-learning-based features.

If the pixels from previous models are anything to be bought, The Pixel 6a will provide a solid performance and better price-to-value, even if not the best camera Google can offer.

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