How to Maximize Your PPC Performance in 2022

Are you obtain the most value out of your PPC campaigns?

Do you want to know what should be focusing upon in the year 2022?

Jeff Ferguson, honored as one of PPC Hero’s “Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts” for the past three years consecutively, joins Loren Baker to discuss the most important PPC developments that will improve your strategy.

In the following year, businesses won’t longer count on third-party tracking that has become a standard in the industry in the past, forcing companies to use first-party information.

If you’re seeking advice regarding dealing with this significant shift, this podcast is the perfect podcast for you.

By 2022, the world will be completely different. This is one area where I believe that many people don’t quite understand the magnitude of how other things are going to be after Google decides to shut down. -Jeff Ferguson, 15:14

We’ve been advising people to take whatever action they can on the first-party side, starting today. -Jeff Ferguson, 20:09

This is the fantastic thing about what we do. It changes every day. -Loren Baker, 09:24

[00:00] – A bit about Jeff. 11:40 – What fascinating changes took place during PPC this year? And what direction is PPC moving in 2022?

[17:50] – What exactly is first-party data? What is the great way to switch from third-party data to first-party data?

[23:13] Why are traditional media planning methods being revived?

[24:19] – How programmed advertising becomes intrusive.

[25:10] – What could you do to avoid programmatic advertising?

[28:59] – A case of disconnected Retargeting.

[32:01] – Where you can utilize your first-party data to retarget.

[32:45] What PPC possibilities are there in place from Google, Microsoft & Facebook?

[39:53] Do you think PPC help in branding?

[49:26] – Do you have to have every single platform?

[56:09] Jeff’s room and his stand-up bass and then becoming a UCLA professor.

The issue is that we are bombarded with all these modern tools that are entertaining and efficient, and they’ve got a place for them. We think they’re doing their job, but we need to return to the old-fashioned marketing.

I’m trying to educate people not to be digital marketers but instead to become marketers who use digital.

I don’t think a PPC campaign has started the Chicken Sandwich Wars. There are certainly people on social media talking about the length of the line, and there are pickles. It’s exploded. Currently, there is a Popeyes in Santa Clarita. Three Popeyes are being constructed.

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