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A Canadian legal professional and business director Mitch Garber has become one of the nation’s top investors. In addition to steak dinners with those like Jerry Bruckheimer, David Bonderman, and Bill Clinton, the Montreal businessman’s success was acknowledged as a member of the Order of Canada in 2019. The entrepreneur is now sharing his secret recipe for success.

I made a fortune by chance,” said Mitch Garber, chairman of Invest in Canada. “I believe that if you put yourself in a position be lucky, chances will come.”

Garber holds a Bachelor of Arts in industrial relations from McGill University and a law degree from Ottawa. He founded and served as CEO of various businesses. He was CEO in 2011 when he purchased the startup Playtika the Israeli social gaming firm, which was later sold for $4.4 billion. It was one of the most significant acquisitions in the mobile and social games sector.

Recently, Garber fulfilled a lifelong goal by becoming a chairman of the executive committee for the NHL Seattle Kraken. He also joined one of his closest associates, Stephen Bronfman — whose father was the original player of the Montreal Expos in 1969 -and is working to restore baseball to Montreal.

“If you were to ask twenty years ago if there was any chance that I’d someday become an owner of a team of hockey, I’d have said no,” said Garber. “But I’ve spent the past 32 years trying to get to the point that I’m able to pursue other pursuits that aren’t related to work.”

I asked his advice for students. Garber says that his business environment has changed dramatically in recent decades, which has created new challenges to joining the modern workforce.

“While there are many opportunities in the present, it’s extremely competitive,” he said. “It can be overwhelming to determine how to navigate through this new landscape and not be swept away by the frenzied talk about money.”

How can one effectively find business opportunities today? A genuine desire to meet people, as per Garber.

I like to meet people with no actual motive,” he said. “If I get to meet someone who is the CEO or the chairman of a business, Of course, I’m delighted to have them in my life; however, the thought that perhaps there’s an opportunity to meet them is in the back of my head. I’m looking for successful people in one way or the other since I’m interested in talking with them. Every single path is unique, and everyone is difficult to anticipate in advance.”

Garber affirms the fact that successful career paths don’t just happen through a series of circumstances. Through a variety of “random and unpredictably triggered situations,” opportunities are created, and it’s the responsibility of individuals to be ready to make the most of them.

The job’s not going to be found,” said Garber. “If you are willing to be open positive things will occur, but if you aren’t confident, you need to learn to be confident. It will happen.”

As an extrovert with a unique ability to network stems from his nature to make people feel comfortable and from trusting his judgment and listening to experts in the field — something Garber describes as more crucial in comparison. To “having the brains.”

“Any moment you be in a room with someone who’s accomplished more or differently than you have, and you’re given a chance to learn and listen about them,” Garber said. Garber.

Garber warns of the ability to communicate. Leaders should be passionate, which is a significant factor in staying at the forefront of business trends. Garber.

“I’m extremely interested in what’s happening in the companies I am involved with,” he said. ” If you feel that you’d like to go home at five and you don’t want to know anything about your field, you’re not the one for you.”

It is vital to know that Garber is not afraid to acknowledge how the racial divide affects his daily life and could have influenced his journey to success.

“I don’t have the issues that some people in this province face with accepting my privilege as a white Canadian right to be,” he said. “I was born a white man in Canada. There is no more unintentionally favorable sequence of events.”

“I always strive to create reflection on myself in my interactions with employees or hold presses conferences,” the CEO says. “I said this morning that, despite being on boards for hundreds of meetings, I’ve not ever sat on a committee with someone with an impairment physical. It can’t be a coincidence. If you don’t admit it, you won’t be able to solve it.”

He believes that the advent of Zoom in workplaces will provide more excellent opportunities for those handicapped who may not move physically.

“Somebody who is disabled or blind can be as productive of an administrator as any other person,” he said. “I’m planning to bring it to the next board meeting. the board, because those are the types of things we can modify.”

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