Bolded Text Can Help Your SEO

It can help improve the SEO of a webpage and make it easier for Google to understand.

John Mueller from Google confirms that bolding important paragraphs can help you get more out of your Google search results Site’s SEO Because it helps Google understand the content better. This information was provided during the Google Search Central SEO hours hangout on November 12, 2021.

A question was submitted asking about the advantages of using bolded texts.

It could be a stylistic choice. Is it possible to use it for SEO purposes?

Mueller affirms categorically that it does aid SEO.

The extent it helps is dependent on other content.

You can find out more in the next section.

John Mueller, Google, on the use of bold text for SEO

Mueller answers this question by referring to a YouTube video from Matt Cutts, which he made about the subject.

“This is something that happens now and again. I double-checked the session before I started, and Matt Cutts recorded a video in 2012, or around that time, about bolding and strong pages.

Mueller suggests that bold text, especially when it comes to SEO, can add more value to a webpage.

Google crawlers scan for a text that is either bolded, italicized, or both to determine the importance of a page.

Mueller states that Google can sometimes figure out essential things on its own. However, the bolded text helps to communicate the message better.

“So, we usually try to understand what a web page is about, and we look to different things to try and figure out what is being emphasized here. This includes headings on pages.

This also includes things like the bolded text or emphasized parts of the page. It does, however, have some value in that it indicates that you think this page or that paragraph is about this topic.

It doesn’t matter how much it changes because that is what the page is about.

SEO Benefits of Bolded Text is Relative

Mueller clarifies that bolded text’s value is relative to other content.

Google may send more signals by including snippets in bold text within an article. However, bolding all the text on a page will not add any value.

“The second thing is that the importance of this page is relative to other pages. You can also make your page bold by saying, “Well, I’ll make my entire page bold. Google will then consider my page the most important.” This means that if you make everything bold, it doesn’t matter if it’s not bold.

Instead, if you choose a few sentences, words, or phrases within your page and say this is important to me, and then you bold them, it makes it much easier for us to say, well, there’s a lot of text, and this could be one of the most valuable points on this page, and that we can give it a little more value.

That’s basically what semantic HTML is all about. It allows you to give more defination to a webpage by using the correct markup. From our perspective, that’s great. It makes it easier to understand the pages.

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Mueller closes his response by stating definitively the SEO value bolded texts.

It does help SEO to important bold points in paragraphs if you would like to reduce it to a single-word answer. It makes it easier to understand the section or page.

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