Do You Have The Right Personality To Freelance? A New Survey Sheds Light

Do You Have The Right Personality To Freelance? A New Survey Sheds Light

What are the crucial qualities to become a successful freelancer? A recent survey found that personality is a vital trait for freelancers, based on five personality traits.

Skynova, which provides invoicing templates, did the survey. It used the Big Five personality test to survey 508 traditional employees and 397 freelancers. The survey found that freelancers had an average score o of 3.2.

* 70.2% on conscientiousness is higher than the 67.2% of traditional workers

* 70.1% openness to traditional workers compared with 54.4%

* 66.1% for agreeableness, compared with 58.7% in traditional workers

* 57.6% on neuroscience compared with 74.5% among traditional workers

* 56.9% for extraversion, compared with 39.3% for traditional workers.

For those curious, neuroticism was defined as being extremely sensitive to environmental stimuli and “overstressing” about daily activities like emailing or having a conversation.

These data make sense based on my experiences as a freelancer. Solid and soft skills are essential for many types of work. Freelancers are hired based on the quality and reliability of their work. If they fail to deliver, they will not be called back. For their career survival, freelancers may need to bring the extra effort to their projects. Freelancers are often assigned to new projects and work with new teams, which requires openness. Another long-time freelancer and I discussed the “ideal” freelance personality. We agreed that the ideal freelance personality could quickly enter any party or social setting and be comfortable speaking with guests. However, freelancers must sell their services frequently, something that may prove easier for introverts.

It isn’t suitable for everyone. Survey results show that freelancers who are open to a career as a freelancer but aren’t forced to do it by circumstances earn more. Over three-quarters of the freelancers, we surveyed actively preferred independent work to do out of necessity. Flexibility and autonomy were top-rated lures. The average annual income for this group was $50,000. (Interestingly, freelancers who call themselves morning people earn $3,000 more than night owls. The average income of the quarter who were forced to freelancing due to necessity was $32,000

According to the survey, research, writing, social media were the most critical skills that freelancers used in their jobs. 50.7 percent of the freelancers had recurring clients or had been with them for a long time. Freelancers reported that 61% of clients are their favorite.

For those who like to work in both modes, there is still an opportunity at the workplace. The levels of job satisfaction experienced by freelancers (57.6%) were comparable to those enjoyed by traditional employees (56.8%).

Freelancers have better work & life balance than traditional employees (62.3%) compared to 58.6% (58.6%). But that could be because they are more flexible. The majority of freelancers said they worked weekends, while 62% stated it was worth it.

Many companies now employ personality tests for their hiring. This could look like the Big Five Personality Test. Then, freelancers can take a few projects to get a feel for what it is like to work independently. It all helps you make an informed decision about your next career steps.

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