3 Ways Agencies Should Measure Marketing ROI

Do you want clients to remember you and your value-based services?

If yes, you can provide valuable information to your clients in the form of the return-on-investment (ROI), which measures the performance of marketing strategies.

Small business owners are still dealing with the effects of the pandemic. It is crucial to show clients how your agency adds value.

The more your agency can help them navigate the new normal, the better.

Why should clients measure ROI?

Online leads are vital for every business. It is essential to know which marketing activities produce the highest number of leads. Even though free website analytics tools can be used, they cannot track specific referrals, especially when it comes to phone leads.

To help clients allocate their marketing budget to the most profitable strategies, they will be able to identify the source for their highest-quality leads. This will help your clients locate the source of qualified leads. It will allow your clients to spend more on conversion tips. Your agency must provide valuable data, which may result in a renewed contract.

How important is measuring ROI? CallRail’s survey shows that small businesses are drawn to agencies that can perform the following.

  • Review analytics with their experts (46%)
  • Call tracking (39%) is an effective way to demonstrate the effectiveness of strategies
  • Help SMB owners understand customers (31%)
  • Good transparency with regards to ROI (31%)
  • Get better leads (26%)
  • Receive a positive return (23%)

These results together tell a compelling tale.

Clients seek agency staff who are willing and able to go beyond what is expected. We give you the tools to create content, and clients can track performance to assist them in making informed decisions about pivoting their strategies.

1. SEO ROI Measurement

Businesses are well aware of the importance of search engine optimization being included in every aspect of a marketing strategy.

According to studies, search engine traffic is more effective than 50% in driving traffic to websites across many industries. Google the most widely used search engine. It brings in eight times more traffic than any other social media network. This is logical when considering Google’s greater than 92% global share of the search engine market.

Track SEO Strategy Results

You can keep track the success of your SEO strategy in many different ways.

Ahrefs, Semrush, and Ahrefs both offer SEO tools that allow you to monitor your website authority, keyword rankings, inbound links, and other metrics. These tools can help you see how your SEO efforts impact your search results visibility for top targeted keywords.

Track Conversions

Google Analytics with a conversions setup makes it an excellent tool for small businesses. It allows them to see if organic search traffic is driving their site’s conversions. 93% claim that website analytics is a crucial part of their marketing strategy selection process.

  • The Channels report is located under acquisition> All Traffic. This report will allow you to compare the conversion rate of organic search traffic with direct, referral, and paid social search traffic.
  • Use the Source/Medium report to find which search engine brings you the most visitors to your site. Other search engines than Google can get traffic to your website.

Software for Call Tracking

You may get some direction, but there are still blind spots in Google Analytics data. Do not rely on the tool.

This includes both the keywords which brought people to your website via search engines, as well as the number who called your company after searching in organic.

Call tracking software allows agencies to verify the effectiveness and value of specific SEO techniques. An SEO strategy can be created that targets the most profitable keywords for conversion by using qualified leads to a search for the keyword.

With call tracking and analytics software, many questions can be quickly answered.

  • What do qualified leads want to find?
  • What are the most frequently asked questions by qualified leads?
  • What pain points are qualified leads looking to address?

You can help small-business owners answer these questions to create more content to help them attract qualified leads, solve their most pressing problems, and increase their sales.

2. It is possible to measure the ROI of PPC.

Small business owners who invest in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns need to know more. They must know which keywords or campaigns get the most clicks.

Google Analytics doesn’t track buyers throughout their journey. What happens when a visitor completes a contact form?

Track exact conversion keyword combinations

Your agency should show small businesses how their keywords, ad content, and landing pages drive qualified leads.

You can also see specific details about ads that convert:

  • You think that an ad extension can increase the number of clicks to your site.
  • Local area codes are more efficient than 1-800 numbers.

These questions can be combined with the most relevant keywords and ad content to help your clients increase their ROI for paid search campaigns and social networks.

3. Social Media Marketing ROI

The best social media analytics tools monitor your social network audience growth and engage with your social media content.

While this data can help you build your social networking profile, it will not reveal which social media activities have the highest ROI.

Learn which social media platforms drive site visitors

Tracking social media visitors can be difficult. Google Analytics makes it easy to follow traffic from social networks and convert them using the social report.

It can be challenging to update the difference between a lead from your Facebook Story and a lead from your post. It will be more challenging to track calls through your social media.

Facebook Insights can only count the number of clicks/taps you have made to your call-to-action button. It won’t tell all the details, such as whether clicks to your CTA button lead to a revenue-generating Lead.

Attribute Phone-Call leads to specific social media campaign pieces.

Your agency can keep track of calls and assign different numbers of clients for social media. Your small business client can be notified if someone calls.

These call insights are a great way to assist small businesses in investing in social media.

It is possible to decide, for instance, that visitors to Instagram and Facebook who have found a business through LinkedIn are more likely to convert than visitors to the site.

You can use other numbers to gain more detailed information about your social marketing efforts. This includes whether posting your number to a story can convert more qualified leads than a post without a number.

CallRail makes it easy to prove ROI.

Customers with small businesses need to be treated with respect. Your agency should be looking at ways to maximize ROI across all channels. Google Analytics can provide insight into which channels and tactics have the most significant traffic and conversions to your site.

For businesses that want to know precisely how qualified leads are being created, tracking tools are crucial. You can check the entire life cycle of your qualified leads, starting with their first contact and ending with the time they call.

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