Meta Wants To Build Physical Stores To Help Sell The Metaverse, Report Says

To get started developing the metaverse Meta was a company that was before called Facebook was considering opening physical stores before it changed its name to Meta, to bring customers to its pursuit of this metaverse to provide the ultimate social media platform, the New York Times report.

Meta is planning to open brick and mortar stores around the globe to expose people to products developed through the firm’s Reality Labs division, which develops augmented and virtual products, according to people familiar with the plans and documents examined by the Times. The goal of these stores is to create a world that is “more open and connected” and to guide customers to take a “judgment-free journey” as they play around with virtual reality headsets, according to the company’s documents.

The Times mentions that discussions about physical stores started months before the company changed its name, and sources who have been in the know about the issue said that there is no finalization since the plans are being designed.

If they do eventually are opened, Oculus headsets may equip them. Portal devices that allow users to video chat on Facebook and voice-activated glasses can capture photos and videos. These were developed by collaborating with Ray-Ban.

Meta did not immediately reply to a request to comment in Forbes.

According to the Times, the company looked at various store names, including Facebook-Hub, Facebook Commons, Facebook Innovations, Facebook Reality Store, and From Facebook, prior to landing on Facebook Store. The title will likely change in the wake of the Meta redesign. Facebook Executive Andrew Bosworth said last week that a lot of the products offered by the company would be changed to Meta. Meta name, like the Facebook Portal being renamed Meta Portal. Meta Portal.

Meta’s new brand and the announcement of its new emphasis on the metaverse this week was announced amid a period of turmoil in the business. The whistleblower and former Facebook employees Frances Haugen started leaking thousands of pages of documents referred to in the Facebook Papers that were leaked to media outlets in the first week of October. Haugen submitted the documents, also sent for the Securities and Exchange Commission, offering a peek into how the company addressed discrimination against minorities and hate speech in its platform.

Tim Derdenger, professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business, informed The New York Times that he believes that the world is “at least five to 10 years out from a fully fleshed out Meta product or service.”

If Meta decides to pursue its stores first, their initial to open would be Burlingame, California, where there are Reality Labs offices, according to documents from the company.

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