Adobe Brings Photoshop To The Browser

Adobe has announced a free version of Photoshop to the browser that allows users to make basic edits without needing the full version of Photoshop installed on their computers.

The web editor comes as part of the annual update for Adobe’s Creative Suite, which sees numerous new features added to programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.

The web editing feature in Photoshop is the most enthralling feature of Adobe’s most recent update. It’s part of a more significant effort to allow artists to communicate with coworkers, many of whom work at home and do not have access to all Adobe applications.

The web editor allows users to edit the files that are stored within the cloud. The tools available include cropping, a variety of tools for selection (lasso magic wand, magic wand quick selection, and many others), along with more advanced tools, for example, healing brushes.

Users will also be able to mark up and make comments on shared files, allowing for designs to be transferred to review, for instance. Sharing tools are integrated into Photoshop desktop application, making it easy to share files with coworkers.

Additional Photoshop features

Additional new features introduced to Photoshop include further improvements for the filters based on AI released last year.

It’s also possible to alter the seasons in the landscape, changing foliage from bright to dark brown to simulate a change from autumn to summer, as an example.

The colorize filter, introduced in the last update, where Photoshop automatically applied color to black and white photos, was also updated. It is now possible to correct the colors of areas of the image that Photoshop could not predict correctly.

A new feature called depth blue allows you to produce a bokeh effect in which specific areas of the image are sharply focused while objects in background areas become blurred.

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