Are You an Investor? Get Ready for the Going Public Series.

If a company is public, investors generally aren’t allowed to invest before the IPO. This is usually reserved for investors with institutional backing and leaves the typical American to invest after the IPO. But this is about to change due to an innovative new show that will premiere on in the fall of 2021.

Go Public (r) is the first series with an interactive component that allows viewers to click-to-invest into the featured deals while watching. The show follows entrepreneurs’ lives as they journey to raise capital when they announce an offering to the market. Mixing elements from popular show models such as Shark Tank and American Idol, viewers can be an active participants in deciding whether or not to invest as they enjoy.

The companies featured as part of The Going Public will launch live investment campaigns and offer viewers access to deals. That means that if you are a fan of the show and trust the businessmen you watch, you will participate in their public offerings.

More About the Show

Moving public It is the concept by Todd M. Goldberg and Darren Marble, the cofounders and founders of Crush Capital, Inc. Crush Capital is a groundbreaking new entertainment company that operates within the intersection between capital markets and fintech. The show was created by the Emmy-nominated company INE Entertainment, whose previous reality-show credits include The Biggest Loser and MasterChef.

The companies featured on the show make use of a capital raising technique known as Regulation A, made possible through the JOBS Act of 2012. This allows viewers who are not regular viewers to invest through their public offerings.

Regulation A+ or “Reg. A+” is an exemption to securities registration that permits companies that raise funds to 75 million, market their offer to the world, and allow anyone over 18 to invest legally.

Regulation A+ was created to democratize access to capital for businesses that are just beginning to grow and develop a level playing field for retail investors.

Season one of Going Public will follow three companies that will offer investment opportunities in real-time to viewers. This is one reason why we have partnered with The main characters of the show are the varied cast of entrepreneursGoing Public explores their story when they announce their public products to the Public, who can click-to-invest while watching.

Television viewers have no shortage of interactive television shows. From American Idol to Big Brother, where the fate of the participant or member of the cast lies on the viewer who has enjoyed having a say in the outcome of such shows. This is one of the major reason why you won’t find Going Public on broadcast television. The real-time investment opportunity is the main disruptive factor in this traditional television format. American Idol pioneered “Text-to-Vote,” and Going Public is pioneering “Click-to-Invest” in this high-caliber, business-entertainment meets capital-markets docuseries.

Who You’ll See

The show’s first season will be led by Lauren Simmons, the youngest-ever female trader to ever be on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and only the second Black woman to hold this position.

The entrepreneurs who are featured in the program include the company TREBEL whose goal is to provide high-quality music to 5 billion people at no cost; PROVEN Skincare that is revolutionizing the way we treat our skin by combining personalization, big data AI, and big data and Hammitt is a rising player in the premium handbag market. Every company is trying to take a slice of highly competitive markets where there are only a handful of dominant players, such as Spotify (NYSE: SPOT), Unilever (NYSE: UL), and Coach (NYSE: TPR).

The participants will interact with mentors who supply the entrepreneurs with hard-hitting guidance and love through the program. They include Jeff Hoffman, Chair of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) and the Executive Producer for Go public; Jaime Schmidt of Schmidt Naturals; and Josh Snow of Snow Oral Care.

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