7 Thought Experiments To Expand Your Mind And Business

If you are thinking about ways to expand or enhance your company’s performance, you may be seeking solutions in possible places. When you start searching Google, call a friend, or even ask the audience for advice, you narrow your search to current information. Imitating the work of others in your field or watching documentaries fade into nothing when compared to the power of your mind that is unbound.

The thought experiments create an alternate universe. Within each experiment, there are no restrictions imposed. In a dream-like state, you can explore and visualize anything. Biology, physics, space and time can be altered to your specific needs. Whatever you think of could be found in your mind’s experiment. When you let yourself think and experiment with your concepts, you could stumble on something amazing.

95percent of human’s day-to-day thoughts are similar to what they were thinking about one day earlier. It continues to repeat until something is different.

The solutions and businesses that will change the world are being conceived by creative minds generating the most innovative ideas that entrepreneurs can use. Here are seven ideas to consider this week.

1. Unlimited resources

Capital, labor, and land. Let’s say you have all of these in abundance. Your service includes all the space you’ve asked for, numerous fantastic team members, as well as an endless supply of money. What do you think? If you had no money and capacity was not a problem and whatever you can imagine could be constructed to the highest standard by you and your staff What would you do with your capital in and how would you do with it?

If your goal was to impact a massive size while building the company of your dreams and enjoying the lifestyle reserved for movie stars, what kind of decisions do you take? Who would you choose to hire, or what plans would you have formulated? What can you do to embrace the lack of limitations and make everyone amazed?

2. Time distortion

In this alternate universe, you are the one who controls the speed of time. You can accelerate or slow down the period of time, and you can use different laws for various things. You can slow down the timer for your pet spaniel to ensure it can live forever; however, speed through hours to complete your petri dish test so that you can evaluate the long-term impact. You can fly through the pages of books or study languages and stop your time if you have to take longer to tackle a complicated issue.

If you could alter the time to suit your needs, what could you choose to do? Do you require more time, and what do you want to happen faster? Although you cannot look back in time, you can preserve the present for a lifetime. What do you think is the same? 

3. Scale play

However, imagine all you have today multiplied by ten and then one hundred, one thousand, and finally 10 thousand. If you have a single location, imagine that you manage one hundred. If you’ve got twenty customers to think of having twenty thousand. Visualize your loss and profit as one hundred times your current revenue. The same is true for your Instagram followers and your website authority, customers, and inbound inquiries.

When your business takes off on this scale, What are you doing? What do your working hours look like? And how do you plan your day? What systems fail, and what are you doing to repair them? What can you put in place to ensure this size for a long time? What do you like about your new world?

4. Cloning power in this scenario, you’ve taken possession of a cloning device. Everything you want can be put in the machine, and it will produce a fully working replica. You can copy your breakfast items, your food items, even you. You can even clone the business associate you work with, each machine you own, and even your favorite set of socks.

If you were to clone yourself one time and again, What could you expect to do? Three times as much capacity, more attention, and hands, Where would you go? Who could you see? Add this to the endless resources of the first thought experiment, and think about what the three of you can create.

5.Magic Wand

The magic wand is at your fingertips. Its power can be energizing. The magic wand can solve every issue. After figuring out the perfect solution, they’re then swooshed into the right spot. The business obstacles disappear, and the magic wand works to hide any flaws. Any glitch or issue could be eliminated within a matter of seconds. Make a point and then swish, and the problem is resolved. It is easy to quickly wave each obstacle away before moving on to the next.

With this magic wand that you have in your possession, waiting for orders, what exactly are you doing, you tell it? What do you say, & where do you flick? If they were solved, what is it that could help you clear your path and change your course? Go through all the cabinets, look around the room, take out every box and look for anything that isn’t perfect that can be put away in a matter of seconds.

6.Infinite technology

The third and final thought exercise technology has no limits. Artificial Intelligence has gone over its maximum and can do whatever it wants upon demand. 3D printers can print whatever material you want according to your specifications. Sensors can detect any changes in any metric and then run reports that robots analyze. DNA can be modified to meet any needs, and robots can perform anything a human or program can with 100 percent precision.

In this age, where technology can create everything you can think of, What would you want? What can your company do to adapt to take advantage of the available power? How can you better provide your customers with more effective ways, faster, and more significant results? Imagine being a part of the Matrix and knowing that boundaries aren’t there. Where do you begin?

7. Open doors

You will be welcomed into any home and castle or any palace. Enjoy dinner with anyone who has ever been in their own home while the housekeeper provides refreshments. Pay them an ear and full attention when you have any questions. In the final thought exercise, you can connect with anyone, anyplace. They could be your mentor, coach or business partner, or even your friend. They will gladly take on any job you assign them.

If you were sure of the door you would open, which one would you approach? Who would you call, and what questions would you ask? What would you follow? Which advice would you request, and whose opinion on the matter would be the most valuable? Who do you want to ask for the favor you would like to receive? In your dream company team, who is the person with what position? What do you learn from the thoughts of those you interact with?

These thinkers don’t spend their time scrolling through websites for news or seeking ideas in the existing world. They don’t have to be force by the limitations of tried-and-tested and are looking for blue skies and not blueprints. Find the thought exercise that captivates your mind, and then have a blast. You must be sure that the breakthroughs you’re looking for are already in your mind and are waiting to be discovered.

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