Singapore Billionaire Peter Lim Launches Digital Platform, Endorsed By Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo

Singapore billionaire Peter Lim and Cristiano Ronaldo.
ZujuGP, founded by billionaire Peter Lim and his son Kiat Lim, has launched its new digital platform for football and backing Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

In an update on Instagram from last week on the platform, the Portuguese footballer told his followers of his “good news coming soon,” encouraging followers to join ZujuGP. “I am so glad to be connected with this amazing partnership, especially with my friend, Peter Lim,” Ronaldo declared in a statement that was released on Tuesday by ZujuGP. “I have known him for many, many years, and to be involved in this project with him make me so happy; and that the east and west can be finally connected, which makes me even happier.”

ZujuGP stated that it intends to improve the live experience for fans through providing entertainment along with networking, e-commerce, and other options. ZujuGP will also create the infrastructure of service to allow teams to sign up players and club personnel and coach and train new players, powered by its open software AI-driven platform.

The Singapore-based firm believes in Asia as the next big frontier in football, following Europe and U.S., considering that the region hosts 60 percent of humanity. The increasing fan base offers an enormous opportunity for Premier League games and merchandise.
“The future of football is here, and it is digital,” Kiat Lim, who is 28, stated. “ZujuGP will be a tech-driven community that will engage fans in a cohesive, compelling manner while driving efficiencies for the business side of the football.”

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