4 Strategies For Entrepreneurs Taking An Unconventional Path

The path to success in entrepreneurship is usually an arduous and challenging road. The issue is that for many entrepreneurs in the early stages, it can be like your unsure what actions to do first or in which direction to go. Without a definitive guideline or clear instructions, every project — whether personal, professional, or relationship-related — is a bit hazy at most.

There’s a positive aspect of being a business owner. A lot of people have succeeded with a unique approach.

If you’re at the beginning phases of your business, there is a chance that you’ll encounter obstacles or challenges when you’re on the road to success. This is the norm. Do not let it deter you.

Advertising businessman Alan Sussman provides one example of someone who followed an unorthodox and challenging route to achieve success. Here are the four strategies that helped him get there. When you set out on your unusual path, follow these methods, and be confident that you’re doing it in good company.

1. Turn fear into fuel.

Sussman fled an abusive family at the age of 14. Like you’d think, he was living in fear. But, Sussman chose to leverage his fear. Instead of surrendering to it, he used his fear to build resilience, determination, self-confidence, and independence.

Sussman is not alone when it comes to using fear as a motivation to achieve success. The bestselling writer J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame is famous for her story of triumph over the odds. In the present, she’s among the most famous authors in the history of writing. Rowling is an entrepreneur author, and it’s no surprise considering that her books have been the catalyst for a film franchise and several other products.

But, when Rowling began writing her bestselling works, she had been between jobs and was living on government funds. In her talk in Harvard, Rowling told listeners that her writing success because she faced her worst fears and was able to build her life on”a “solid foundation” of hitting bottom.

Fear is often the best source of inspiration for creative thinking. When you realize that your fears aren’t holding any weight, you’re empowered to move to more incredible innovation and creativity.

2. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to education.

Sussman is also among the surprising number of entrepreneurs who are college dropouts. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame and David Geffen of Geffen Records and DreamWorks Studios are in the same boat. Both of these highly successful entrepreneurs also chose to quit college and avoid completing an education. Instead, they relied on their personal experiences, intellect, and wit to create hugely successful companies.

For those who are interested, formal education can be an excellent tool that can lead to success. But, if you’re not sure if proper education is the right choice for you, stop in the thought of giving up an education.

Spend time identifying your interests and passions. Utilize them as your starting base. Technology allows you to master the trade without sitting in a classroom or dedicating thousands of dollars for an education degree. Make the most of opportunities that interest you and make connections as you go.

3. Create your business to capitalize on the strengths of your passions

In the years before Sussman made it to advertising, He took the time to explore his interests and what attracted him. When he quit college, Sussman even tried skydiving and working in the field of music. It was during his time writing commercial jingles that Sussman discovered his passion for marketing.

Self-discovery is a crucial aspect of any entrepreneur’s growth.

Often, we take on a new field or pursue an idea that’s not a suitable match for our skills set or interest. Becoming aware of your interests and how you excel will help guide your career. However, it is contingent on you being self-aware and flexible to know the moment something doesn’t suit and then be willing to change.

4. Bold is the word of all-day passive does not sell.

We are all familiar with the famous, round corners on Apple products. Did you know that this design change was just the most notable of Steve Jobs’ many specific inventive, creative, and imaginative choices? Steve Jobs favored the corner-to-corner design, and today that design is an integral part of Apple. Apple brand. It’s hard to come across an iconic design for technology. It’s also worth noting that Jobs was just another college exile! Sure, Jobs was known for being pushy.

When it boils down to it, at a minimum, one of an entrepreneurs’ goals should be to push the limits. That means, almost always, they’ll face opposition. When you’re pursuing a brand new direction or developing the next idea, be aware beforehand that you’ll need to be brave to achieve the goal of success. Being passive will not get you anywhere.

Creativity is the basis of any business that is successful and is also crucial to overcome obstacles. If you face challenges in your life, be it in your professional or your personal life, try looking at the issues with a creative eye.

If you’ve decided to go down the unorthodox route, keep in mind that change is inevitable, but creativity is essential. Study the best leaders in your area, follow the same pattern with what is working to your advantage, but keep in mind that there are no two identical paths.

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