Poshmark Invests In Sellers With New Dedicated Team And Tools To Help Them Engage With Shoppers

Poshmark today announced during its Poshfest annual gathering to its seller’s community new developments and tools that can aid both large and small companies on the social resale market to increase their reach and expand. It also appointed co-founder Tracy Sun to the new post of senior vice president of engagement with sellers.

Poshmark’s recently established sellers experience department is responsible for helping and innovating with sellers of all levels, from small sellers to boutiques with more prominent brands, so that everyone who wishes to sell their products on Poshmark can quickly and efficiently create a closet online and, based on their needs, expand and expand in time.

“Sellers are always and will always be our primary focus,” Tracy Sun told me. “We’re expanding our business, and we’re putting more demands on our resources. We’ve created the team of sellers to be accountable to the seller’s promise to the customer and ensure that even as we extend, we keep our team as close to our customers as possible.

“This group, we believe, will assist us in continuing to invent, continue to create, and develop to accommodate the variety we’re seeing in our sellers today. This will ultimately help all of our sellers, whether they’re brand newly arrived or around for more than ten years. We’re dedicated to helping each of them to grow and prosper.”

Poshmark, during the conference, unveiled two new tools that will aid sellers in engaging shoppers. Its My Shoppers feature is a virtual representation of customereling. This departmental and specialty store strategy allows sales representatives to provide personal service to clients by suggesting products to complete the look, offering stylistic advice, or alert clients to new products from their preferred brands.

“My Shoppers is a tool I’ve been contemplating for a long time,” Sun said. “Think of the typical brick and mortar] application for customer service. A customer enters an establishment, and a sales rep is looking over the new sweater that she laid out in the open. The sales associate will come up and look at the information she gathers and apply her judgment based on the information she observes before her, interacting with the client to convert the customer into a buyer.

“How do you handle this information online, as you aren’t able to see the people who are browsing, and you aren’t able to talk to anyone on the internet,” Sun continued. “Our customers are taking a look at items through the lens of likes, offers, and also by adding items to a set. These are all digital representations of the sweater at the shop. We’re taking the data and putting it in a package to our sellers and making it easy for them to provide clients a pleasant experience, potential customers.”

My Shoppers software is accessible for all Poshmark sellers at no cost and allows sellers to enjoy the same highly personal experience both online and on a larger scale. Through My Shoppers, sellers can start by identifying and closing the most compelling leads with precision, all from one instrument. It’s wholly backed with social commerce, which means sellers can swiftly and effortlessly navigate through the sales funnel by sending promotions, discounts, or customizing their merchandise. The software makes it simple to interact with customers and turn them into customers, Poshmark said.

My Closet Insights A dynamic dashboard that supplies sellers with real-time sales and inventory data was unveiled at PoshFest. It lets sellers quickly and effectively understand the business’s performance over time and determine strategy and leverage the right tools to take action needed to increase sales.

“The aspect of the data that is insignificant on its own,” Sun said. “Where data shines is when you combine it with insight and take action. If you utilize My Closet Insights along the My Shoppers’ clienteling, you’ll know whether you’ve converted more customers. Did I increase profits, assist the customers in adding more items to their package or cart, and increase the price of my tickets. We’ll give them real-time information via the dashboard for all the options we have available at present and in the future.”

Sun has said that she plans to help the sellers on Poshmark, which have grown to become significant enterprises. “They require more tools since they’ve grown so large,” she said. “Maybe the company has a staff involved with the company, or perhaps they have an inventory that’s to the point where they don’t even know how to handle it. There’s a lot of tools that are designed for enterprises.

“We do not forget the people who are brand new to shopping,” Sun said. “That’s one of the main reasons we have Poshmark. Some of them find that selling is an easy thing to do, while it’s an entirely new way of doing business for others. As we expand and the business expands, and increasing numbers of people are beginning to understand the benefits of reselling, I’d like to ensure that we assist all new sellers to start their journey and become as successful as they possibly can.”

Poshmark was home to 4.5 million customers in December, when it published its S1 and submitted the prospectus to go public with its IPO. The company was able to go into a public offering, with a market value of more than $3 billion. It was listed on Nasdaq Stock Market using the code POSH.

In the last year, Poshmark’s 6.2 million members generated more than thirty billion interactions on social media. “That isn’t the case in a less sterile online shopping experience. We’re alive,” Sun said of social commerce. “We’re all about the individual and helping individuals.

“Other companies might focus on transactions. That’s certainly the way we earn a profit,” Sun said, “but we allow customers to make use of new tools and test innovative strategies for marketing. The more innovative we can be using our product to assist them in doing these things more quickly, more efficiently and efficient, the more they’ll be successful, and if they do win, I’ll feel delighted.”

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