Twitter Adds Bitcoin & GoFundMe As Tipping Options

Twitter introduces its tipping service to all users and also adds new ways for users to be cash.

Twitter has expanded its tipping service to more users and changed the methods by which users can earn money. Twitter’s “tip Jar” was first introduced in May as a means that users could earn cash through other members. It was initially accessible to a select group of English-speaking professionals as well as content creators.

Today, it is known by the name “Tips,” the feature is available to anyone on Twitter with a broad range of payment options that you can choose from.

Esther Crawford, Twitter Staff Product Manager, says on Twitter’s website:

“People have already included links to their accounts on payment on their bios and also on their tweets. Tips make it easy to accomplish, providing an available spot on your profile, from where you can connect directly to cash App, Patreon, Venmo, and other platforms on which people can help your efforts.”

“Whether you’re looking to donate to your favorite account since you enjoy their comments or send a message of appreciation to a rising comedian for their funny Tweets or help the owner of a small-sized business get through a rough moment, or donate to a worthy cause whatever you wish to do to help (and we’re sure you have plenty of ideas), Tips is here to assist you in doing it.”

Learn more information on how Twitter Tips functions and the complete range of available payment methods that you can choose from.

Social Media Tips for Twitter – What Does It Work?

Twitter Tips lets you include hyperlinks to payment providers from third parties to the profile of your Twitter profile.

If Tips is enabled, your profile will show an icon that lets people know you have the feature turned on. The icon resembles the shape of a cash note.

The user can click on the icon to transfer funds or Bitcoin off-platform using the third-party payment options you have selected.

At present, Tips is only available to users of iOS. Here’s how to set it up with the iPhone application.

How to Setup Twitter Tips

On iOS, Go to Edit Profile. After that, tap Tips to enable the feature.

Then you will have to agree the Twitter’s General Tipping policy to turn tips in your account.

Then you’ll be taken to the Settings screen for Tips. Turn off tips. Tips to On and select third-party service(s) you’d prefer to use.

Now, you can input your third-party service username(s). Make sure that your username on the service will be publically linked with the account you use on Twitter. Twitter account.

This implies that, and this is crucial that your personal information could be disclosed to others. This includes your name, address, address, tip amount as well as other details as well.

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Users must be 18 years old to ask to receive, send, or even request tips via Tips or elsewhere on our platform.

Twitter does not get any of the tips. However, some of them may be paid by the payment company.

Payment Providers

The Twitter tips can be received and sent through the following third-party payment platforms:

  • Bandcamp
  • Cash App
  • Chipper
  • Patreon
  • Razorpay
  • Wealthsimple Cash
  • Venmo

Today, Twitter is adding the online crowdfunding platform GoFundMe to its list of fundraising options.

Additionally, to current services available, Twitter is enabling Bitcoin tips to be used with Strike. A strike is a payment program built upon the Bitcoin Lightning Network that offers immediate and no-cost payments across the globe.

A strike is accessible to those who reside in El Salvador and the U.S. (excluding Hawaii and New York).

Alternately they could take their Bitcoin addresses and then paste them into a Bitcoin wallet of their choice, allowing them to send you a direct payment.

Twitter plans to bring Tips for users on Android in the coming weeks.

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