A Startup: The Best Vehicle For Changing The World

The most significant shift in thinking that has rooted itself within our collective consciousness during the early twenty years of the 21 21st century has been the recognition that we humans are the shepherds of our planet. Our job is to safeguard it and ensure the sustainability of the future generations of all its inhabitants, whether they are human or otherwise.

Naturally, after coming to this realization and witnessing the failings of many institutional structures, many youngsters are emerging with the ambition of making an impact on transforming the world for the better.

While the most common method to fulfill this wish is to take on an activist role, this isn’t the best method to effect changes. It raises awareness of the issue, but usually, it is dependent on the same institutions that have caused or perpetuated the problem to affect a significant change. It’s unlikely as the institutions are situated in a game-theoretic equilibrium. The change will likely occur only after disruption by an external force.

Who is Responsible for the Dangers of Making Bad Decisions?

Instead of insisting that governments require electric vehicles by year one, Elon Musk used smartphone battery technology to build an innovative electric vehicle to revolutionize and quickly expand the market for electric vehicles and create electric cars among the most sought-after around the globe.

Instead of asking governments to contribute to an additional Apollo project, Apollo conceived Space X and started working towards sending a human being to Mars.

These examples may be extreme, but if you are a little acquainted with the world of startup, you are aware exponential growth curves indicate that it is only required to conduct the results of a couple of tests to succeed to have a significant positive impact on society.

If you want significant government-driven change failing to implement the idea will have enormous financial and social costs.

If entrepreneurs fail, they (and their partners and investors) remain the ones who bear the responsibility, and they accept the risk. If Musk’s business ventures had failed, he’d suffered a significant loss of money. It isn’t a big deal; even if you’re different from Elon Musk, if his ventures are successful, the entire humanity gains.

People Will Believe in Your Vision

While the initial group of startup founders (Elon Musk, of course) struggled convincing people of the potential of their ideas, they’ve paved the way for the entrepreneurs who will follow them.

There are many startup investment funds eager to finance technology-related projects with the potential to alter the world (and to earn huge profits from their work). Robotics, AI, green tech, biotech, etc., are among the sectors with the most significant startup capital available.

If you’ve got an excellent idea and you are looking to build a successful business, the process of creating the foundation of a company has become more standard than it was a couple of years ago. There are a lot of resources and individuals who can aid you along the process. This is also true for the operation of raising funds for your business.

While there is a chance that you’ll be unsuccessful, it doesn’t mean that it will be a negative experience entire. Entrepreneurship requires you how to manage a wide range of different situations you might not face otherwise. Additionally, being innovative is the best chance to discover facts that no one else has yet discovered.

So, even a failed project can help you become an even more skilled and competent person in general. It increases the chance that you will be in a position to make a massive change in the future.

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