How Remote Teams Keep Their Company Culture Alive

Values, language, and behaviors will define the company’s culture. It is the underlying factor in how employees come together to accomplish work, typically, in the actual workplace. With so many employees working remotely, maintaining the culture is a new method of working.

The most important thing is being able to define what the desired result is from a cultural perspective and then identifying the behavior patterns that encourage and encourage this, as well as being aware of warning signs for those who do not follow the guidelines, such as Paul Clarke, founder of the business consulting firm CONNECT Performance, describes.

He adds: “The triggers for facilitating these behaviors to be automatically expected and automatic must be in place. These triggers create the necessary conditions to allow teams to thrive, including, for instance, the best tools, the proper direction, the right levels of training, and making sure that motivation levels of everyone are in line and focused on the same results and the same consequences.”

Alignment says he is the main word in this case. When employees are aware of the proper methods and behaviors to achieve the results and outcomes they desire, they tend to be more in tune with how to succeed in remote work.

“Factor in a clear understanding of the consequences you do not desire, as well as the causes or reactions that trigger them, and you’ll be able to create the right team with a complete understanding of what can be helpful to them, and also the things that could hinder them,” adds Clarke.

My Management Accountant(MMA) changed to permanent remote work in March of last year. The company’s founder Martin Bown has worked hard to ensure that the company’s philosophy of empowerment for people empathy, understanding, and compassion and being there for others when something happens is as strong as ever.

It is also suggested that employees stay aware of their situations, particularly during the pandemic. The lockdown forced the group to work together more vital than ever before.

Bown claims: “When our payroll manager was taken to hospital while the process of signing up our largest client for payroll, the entire team came together to pull out all stops to fulfill the position and the requirements, making sure that there was no oversight or non completed. The result was that the client agreed to our services, not realizing that the manager was in a coma.”

The company uses a platform on the internet called Cultureblox to assess how employee behavior is aligned with the company’s values. Bown states: “The team can give their own and each other feedback on their behaviors or values. In addition, we are also able to give constructive feedback if a behavior is not following our ideals. As a small group, We are conscious that individuals can be isolated. Mental well-being and health are an ongoing concern.”

Software for retail and tech Hullabalook’s culture is one of the openness of its customers that it does in a variety of ways, for example, by hosting ‘Friday reflections’ held every Friday lunchtime.

The business provides lunch for everyone, and all eat together as a group on a video conference. After that, one at a time, they walk through the room, and each one of them reflects on the past week, what they’ve accomplished and what didn’t go so well, and who did an outstanding job and deserves praise.

The founder Bryony Elliot, the founder of the company, says: “We’ve been doing this since the company was established in 2016 when there were only two founders with one employee. The company now has over 30 employees.. Some people feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by being themselves or admitting they made a mistake; however, by promoting authenticity by allowing everyone to be authentic, everybody has the chance to voice their opinions and look forward to the next week. It’s been a wonderful method of keeping our traditions even as we be remote teams.”

Maintaining that culture-driven factor that drives high performance requires recruiting the right people aligned with the business’s values. Relay Payments has codified its business culture in its principles, values, programs, and success standards. The company hires workers who are excellent in their field and adhere to our philosophies, as the chief human resources chief Amy Zimmerman explains.

“Our team members have described our culture as creative, friendly, supportive, and satisfying,” she says. “It is the underlying factor in how work is done, and since it’s crucial for us and our progress, we’ve decided to invest into it intentionally.”

The company’s policy regarding how work is completed is “anywhere” to ensure a connection between employees outside of the workplace. They have created rituals and programs that encompass physical and mental wellness and recognition, learning, improvement, having fun, and even made the virtual “water cooler” to facilitate daily interactions.

“Again, in a sense, to be deliberate, We’re determined to create the best environment that can create the highest performance that is required to achieve our huge objectives,” says Zimmerman.

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