Facebook Has New Ways to Generate Leads & Connect With Customers

Facebook has launched new tools to businesses to increase leads and connect with customers through many platforms.

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Facebook has launched new tools for business that are designed to assist businesses in finding new customers and interact with them in a variety of ways.

Additionally, Facebook announced new features to be released in the coming year, currently being tested.

This is a summary of the latest and coming Facebook updates for companies.

Update for Click-to-Message ads

Facebook has updated its click-to-message ads that encourage users to join with businesses using Messenger, Instagram Direct, or WhatsApp.

Today, businesses can invite their customers to join all messaging platforms to chat about whether they’re owned or operated through Facebook or a third party.

Facebook did not provide a specific list, but “all” is the most comprehensive list of messaging applications available for smartphones.

The Facebook advertisement will be redirected to the chat application based on where conversations are likely to take place. Is that likely to mean it will open the app that customers use the most?

Start WhatsApp Chat On Instagram

Facebook is expanding its integration capabilities by announcing a new feature that connects WhatsApp and Instagram.

Businesses are now able to include a WhatsApp click-to-chat option to the Instagram profile. This could encourage more customers to interact with companies, especially WhatsApp over Instagram’s DMs.

Shortly, businesses will soon have the option of making advertisements that connect to WhatsApp directly through the Instagram application.

Request a Quote via Messenger

A brand-new feature on Facebook will let businesses invite customers to ask for a quote.

Businesses can personalize their request form by choosing four questions that consumers can ask before sending an email.

The client can request a quote from the company on Facebook by filling out a brief survey on Messenger.

It is currently being tested with certain advertisers.

The Lead Generation feature on Instagram

Facebook will test organic and paid tools to help small-sized businesses identify leads and then qualify them directly through the Instagram application.

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This creates a new business argument for the use of Instagram and Facebook claims that this is an efficient way to develop leads than other solutions currently in use.

Test Features

Some of the features listed below are being tested. There’s currently no release date for each, but Facebook rigorously tests such things before releasing them to all users.

Changes in the Facebook Business Suite

The features are now being integrated into Facebook Business Suite, a free, web-based dashboard that manages Facebook and Instagram activities from one central location.

  • Emails: Facebook is testing the capability of organizations to manage email through the Inbox app and send out remarketing messages from Facebook Business Suite.
  • File Manager: Facebook Business Suite introduces File Manager, the latest feature that lets businesses create, manage and publish content.
  • Post Test: Facebook makes post-testing accessible in Business Suite to allow companies to test and compare different post versions to determine the one people are more likely to share with.

Work Accounts

Facebook is currently checking a new type of account, the work account. This allows users with business interests to log in and use Business Manager without requiring a personal statement.

Companies will be able to manage the accounts of their employees. They will also get access to enterprise-grade features such as Single Sign-On integrations.

Facebook will test accounts for work through the rest of the year for only a few businesses. It will expand the availability in 2022.

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