Shopify Makes it Easy to Market to Specific Countries

Shopify Markets is a new solution to let companies manage their cross-border storefronts via a central point.

Shopify makes it easy to improve the efficiency of e-commerce stores for international markets, all through the same Shopify website. For the time being, the time a company was looking to access a global market, it was necessary to sell their goods on the marketplace or through an alternative retailer.

A brand new service known as Shopify Markets removes the need for a third party and lets businesses sell directly to international buyers.

Through Shopify Markets, merchants can sell outside of their country without worrying about issues like the conversion of currencies, localization of languages, local payment options, and taxation on import and duty.

All tools that cross-border are accessible to Shopify merchants from the beginning.

Through Shopify Markets, you can:

  • You can quickly gain access to new markets.
  • Develop customized experiences to every market
  • Variables that you can customize, like:
    • Local currency and payment methods
    • Price and price rounding rules for markets
    • Market availability of the product
    • Local languages
    • Local domains using automated SEO optimization
    • Automatically show the correct currency or language depending on the buyer’s country.
    • Import taxes and duties are paid for the purchaser’s benefit to reduce the cost of surprise charges upon delivery of the product.
    • Access actionable insights and intelligent settings for every market
  • All your needs can be managed from one location.

Store owners on Shopify can focus their efforts on specific markets in a particular country or develop custom markets by combining multiple nations.

Shopify Markets is available in early access across the globe on September 14th and will be available to all merchants over the coming months.

The features you get will depend on the plan you select. The following are features available in every Plan on Shopify:

  • You can manage how you market to all markets from one location
  • Sell across 133 currencies using Shopify Payments
  • Offer local payment options using Shopify Payments
  • Sell your products in as many as 20 languages
  • Create custom domains to optimize your site for search
  • Smart settings that optimize the operation of markets

The Shopify Plus and Advanced Shopify plans are available. Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus plans can avail these extra options:

  • Estimate and pay duty and taxes on imports at the time of checkout.
  • Create custom prices per market with Shopify Payments
  • Create custom catalogs and storefronts for each market
  • Manage fulfillment locations per market.

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Please note that additional transaction charges are charged in international transactions.

Merchants may make an application for earlier access as of today and then wait till it is rolled open to everyone Shopify Store owners at a subsequent time.

Shopify Stocks Soar

Shopify Markets is marked as “the future of global commerce,” and it seems that investors are confident about its potential.

The shares of the Canadian online retailer soared on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) after news of Shopify Markets. It’s now listed as the second-highest valued stock of this year.

“Shopify’s September of a lifetime” continues this week when it landed the number. 2 spots on the List of the Toronto Stock Exchange containing its 30 best-performing stocks in the last three years.

The company’s share price has gone up 846 percent in the period, which is good for second place on the 2021 TSX30 list, just behind Aura Minerals’ growth of 1,125 percent.”

Another factor affecting Shopify’s rise in stock price is a multi-year collaboration the company formed with Yotpo. This marketing platform handles direct-to-consumer campaigns such as referrals, SMS emails, SMS, and other digital marketing for brands.

According to reports, Yotpo can help accelerate the development of products, which could lead to even more growth for Shopify.

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