6 Ways To Stay In Shape While Travelling For Business

If not planned, Diet and exercise may disappear when you travel on business. Airline food, airport lounges, corporate hospitality, and brand new routines can upset even the most dynamic scheduler. However, jet-setting around the globe does not have to be with a cost of food and exercising correctly; there is a better way.

Emil Hodzovic is a medical doctor and the founder of Health Evolved Academy, a place for athletes to take their performance and business up to the top by focusing on health optimization. Alongside medical degrees and the science of exercise and sports, he has participated at the highest level in sports like bodybuilding, strength, and rugby, which allowed him to apply the concepts.

Hodzic is a living example of the principles he teaches; he is all over the world running his own business and remains in good shape. He’s developed six methods for anyone to do the same.

Reframe food items for free

“Whether it’s business dinners, buffets or buffets in the hotel or at a conference, There will be some free food and drink.” Hodzovic’s suggestion is to stay away from a “scarcity mentality” just because the buffet is offered for free. “Slamming the drinks at reception or eating a plethora of bread for breakfast isn’t fun and doesn’t serve your purpose.” Consume food to nourish your body and mind and not to cut costs. There aren’t free lunches, and the price of doing eating is your overall health and wellness.

Hodzic suggests that travelers “decide what food they’re taking in and then take pleasure in the food. Keep it going for throughout the day.” Simple tips could be to physically move away from the buffet, eating your food well and at a single time, rather than taking numerous visits. Also, avoid copying the techniques of those who are eating for long periods. The open bar shouldn’t be a time to drink to the max. 

Use downtime

If your routine is centered around participation in a particular sport or gym, consider what alternatives you have. You could plan a tasting session in a group setting or do some research before the time to determine what’s close to where you’re staying. Contact local gyms before arriving to confirm if they accept walk-ins, and then mark the time you’ll go. Eliminating uncertainty over the time and location you can exercise eliminates any excuse not to do it.

Utilize the time you have available for downtime. The hour or so between your events or when you wake up earlier than your colleagues could be the best opportunity to get into an exercise session. “A couple of quick workouts in a gym, whether it’s a hotel bike, push-ups in your bedroom, or a strenuous walk before dinner, will make you feel positive things on many aspects,” explains Hodzovic. Entrepreneurs race at the speed of light or are exhausted with no time in between, but as far as it comes to health, the middle “can not only help you to maintain the lifestyle you’ve worked for months or even years creating, but it also lets you be more comfortable.” Studies on health also suggest that those who exercise are more likely to make healthier food choices.

Plan your actions

If you don’t create an eating plan and you don’t, you’ll be prone to overeating because of hungry. If you don’t bring proper food with you, a gritty fry-up may be your only alternative. “I recommend to my customers to have a sketch of their plan that they have sketched out before going to the restaurant,” explained Hodzovic. Check out menus before going to an eatery. Learn the nutritional breakdown of popular regional cuisines. Making plans ahead reduces the risk of chance.

The plan may not be perfect. However, preparation ensures that “over time, you’ll become more adept in improvising at the moment.” Additional suggestions include “taking some powdered protein along with your” and “checking out the facilities at the hotel before arriving.” A majority of TripAdvisor listings will provide the contents of the hotel’s fitness center, and many hotels are situated in an ideal area for walking. Hotel concierges are often able to suggest nearby healthy restaurants and walking paths. Whatever the case, planning is essential as it “stacks the odds in your favor when you’re in the middle of the action.”

Don’t be overcompensating.

The boom and bust cycle isn’t good for your health or happiness and should be avoided, particularly when traveling to work. “The most harmful thing you can do following a long conference or trip is to try to compensate for the trip after returning,” explained Hodzovic. “This will only fuel the yo-yo cycle and does not end properly.” It is natural for your body too needs regularity and won’t be grateful for a wild business trip and then a time of rigor. Balance the scales by your weight to the point of being complete.

Hodzic suggests not to treat your body to an indulgence in the form of a few days. Instead, you should draw a line beneath your excursion and return to normal. “Try to stay clear of reactive restriction, random fasting, or extreme exercise.” It’s a waste of your energy and causes worse harm than good.

Make healthy your default mode.

Most people experience bad days with food and when even the best intentions do not work. This isn’t cause to be concerned if the majority of your lifestyle is healthy. Averages are a law that can work for you. “One unsuitable day in a week isn’t going to change the course of your life. One bad week in one month isn’t likely to ruin your life. It’s when those two days get a little too long that you find yourself in boredom.”

What you do 99% of the time can prevent accidental slip-ups from destroying all your achievements. “Building an established routine for your daily life will give you flexibility when traveling.” You can make stringing your best days into a routine, and it’s likely to take a long time to average.

Make your options.

While he continues to refine his strategies on the ground; being fit and healthy when traveling, managing his business, and living life to the fullest Hodzovic stresses the importance of having fun on the travel experience. “99Ultimately, it’s all about enjoying yourself,” he explained, however, “whatever you decide to do while traveling, whether that’s going to an exercise facility and sticking to your routine, or going out on booze and food or anything else, make a choice.”

Business travel should be done with purpose and not just in apathy. The idea of being led off track and feeling guilty “externalizes the importance of control and makes you feel powerless.” However, you’re not. Make decisions and accept the consequences. Hodzic says this means that you “are capable of making changes even if you’ve already taken one small step back in the short-term.”

Maintain your fitness levels while traveling to work by rethinking the meaning of complimentary food and beverages, creating a plan to make the most of your leisure time. Engage your coworkers in your fitness and health pursuits to make it an enjoyable part of your journey. Try to ensure sustainability through boom and bust, and plan by establishing healthy habits before and leading into the trip and during your routine.

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