How To Write Better Emails With AI

Managers, recruiters, and salespeople all require communication speedy and efficiently. However, this can be a problem. Many professionals have a variety of other things on their list of things to do, aside from taking care of their email. It requires time and effort to write cold outreach, campaigns follow-up, and other kinds of emails. Instead of creating these messages manually, AI tools have recently become the most prominent method to increase email efficiency. The article below will discuss how AI can help improve your email and recommend the top AI email tools to consider.

How Does AI Help Email Writing?

A recent Semrush survey found an average of 48% of enterprises today use AI tools, which is a good reason behind it. Automating processes and improving productivity are on top of any company’s priorities. Making use of AI for your email writing can enhance your business’s capability to compete in a variety of ways:

AI Saves Time

AI can automate repetitive tasks, completing them in fractions of the time required by humans. In addition to taking routine tasks off your desk, AI helps you focus on more advanced business strategies.

AI Can Integrate Relevant Data

AI can quickly scan massive datasets. This lets it transfer data back and back and forth between your CRM system and the email platform. Additionally, it provides you with pertinent data based on emails from customers or profiles on social media that can be used to customize your email messages. It’s crucial, considering that the data provided by Mailshake indicates that personalizing emails increases open and response rates dramatically.

AI Can Stop You From Forgetting Tasks

Are you unsure of when to follow up with a client? Do you forget to copy and paste documents into emails to help with customer service issues? AI email tools will remember all this for you and can even remind you.

AI Can Help Achieve Higher Engagement

It is possible to provide AI using examples of your successful emails to help it identify patterns. The AI can then analyze proven sales messages to your current content to provide timely ideas to increase engagement.

AI has been employed in the background of manufacturing and finance for a long time. Since the last few years, sales and customer support representatives have started to reap the benefits of the efficiency and precision it brings. Businesses who want to have an advantage in prospecting, customer service, and recruitment should use AI when writing emails.

AI Email Writing Tools

There are numerous AI tools, that it is difficult to pick the most suitable one for your needs. To assist you, we have listed some of the most influential AI software for writing emails you can use currently. is among the top tools that you can find to generate customized emails. With, the process begins by selecting an end goal for the email, such as arranging an appointment, responding to questions, clicking an image or link, or arranging a meeting — whatever you would like your potential customer to accomplish. After choosing your goal and then connecting the tool with your contact’s details from a CSV document, LinkedIn profiles, or websites.

The application will then study the person to generate an extremely personalized email for outreach and evaluate their work or interests and any other details it can discover. Then, you press send and then sit back and watch the outcomes. Prices start at $97 for a month.


Grammarly became a popular tool for general grammar advice. Available as a download application, it is extensively used by writers and bloggers to enhance their SEO and other pieces of content. However, Grammarly is also a tool with add-ons and extensions that permit suggestions while writing emails. Grammarly makes sure that your emails are professional and grammatically correct by providing spell check, tone suggestions, and even tips on how to use the language.

Grammarly can be an indispensable component of your workflow if your email service does not have built-in spelling or grammar check. The business plan is $29.95 each month.


Lavender is designed to help improve the efficiency of your selling team’s efficiency. It provides a wide range of AI-powered features designed to enhance the effectiveness of your email messages. It is imposing is the sales Email Assistant feature that examines your emails against millions of examples that have which have proven to be effective previously. The program then provides suggestions for sentences that can alter your email’s tone and sales potential.

Lavender will use AI features such as subject line analysis, mobile preview, and reply optimizations to guide users through every creative process. It can also notify you about untrusted emails, misspelled names, and new information about prospective customers. This ensures that your emails are delivered on time and include relevant details. The cost for a month is $39. for each user. can help you automate your email writing process to improve productivity. Automated email classification enables employees in frontline positions who interact with customers to classify and send emails to the appropriate individual automatically. The program’s AI technology can also determine the intention of the customer by analyzing their email content. This assists customer service representatives in getting their work done faster by prioritizing issues with customers and fixing the root of their problems. will also allow you to schedule email replies to ensure that they reach the recipient’s mailbox at the most appropriate time. If you’d like to compose your emails on your own, the composer has predefined blocks that will provide you with a boost. Pricing is based on the usage of emails.

AI Is Here to Help

Inbox overload is an actual issue. But email remains one of the best methods of communicating with potential customers and clients, and employees.

In the past, professionals were required to complete monotonous and repetitive tasks for email by themselves. To save time and boost productivity, you should think about the use of AI email writing software. It will not only ease the burden but can also dramatically improve your communication effectiveness and increase revenue.

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