Global Businesses Need Global Solutions Like Remote

The global workforce has undergone tremendous changes obs and work remotely. Today, 84% prefer working remotely, and there are reasons to believe this trend will continue. As such, the new working world will continue its evolution and fundamentally change how businesses communicate and work together.

Remote work will change how businesses manage their employees. Remote workers can work from anywhere, so your business will need solutions that can accommodate the diverse needs of your team.

Remote, a platform for distributed teams, will help you manage your company’s growth to reach a global market. Remote is an HR- and compliance-management system that ensures your business is ready to meet employees’ needs wherever they may be.

Remote makes it simple to pay remote workers and contractors, as well as onboard them. Remote offers a simple onboarding platform that includes data collection, salary simulations, and digital contracts. This makes it easier to hire overseas workers. Remote makes it easy to manage the legal and operational complexities associated with onboarding residents from different countries. Remote makes it easy to manage benefits and payroll. Remote also provides one central location that allows for employee documentation and payroll approvals.

Remote allows you to mitigate compliance risks associated with hiring contractors and employees from overseas. Remote works with local labor law experts, who ensure your business are compliant no matter where you work.

Why use Remote?

Remote’s global infrastructure makes it the only option that offers both service and protection for those looking to hire in other countries. You can use the entirely self-service platform without having to speak with HR professionals. Ironclad IP protection means you will always have full ownership of your IP and invention rights as well as employee data.

Remote’s greatest asset is its flexibility. Remote does not have minimum employee counts nor contracts. So, if you hire one employee for a month and 100 for life, it never changes. The flat pricing plan is transparent, and there are no hidden fees. This allows you to understand precisely what your obligations are.

Global scaling? Remote out today to receive 50 percent off your first employee’s global employment solution within three months.

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