3 Ways To Hire The Right Content Writer For Your Brand

Although websites may not be the same, they all have one thing in most cases. The key to creating engaging and findable websites is the creator.

Content writers who are worth their salt do more than write words with an understanding of English grammar. It’s up to them to deliver outstanding work. Your company’s success or disaster will depend heavily on the quality of your website content.

You can easily add keywords to a webpage or blog post. What will your customers and prospects think of the content? Here lies the difference between a content writer and a suitable Content writer.

Here are three methods to hire the best for your brand.

1. Please take a look at their writing!

When hiring someone, it seems like a standard procedure to check references and verify past work. Surprisingly many companies skip this step altogether or do a poor job of it. This is a shame, as it’s meant to ensure that they have the right person joining their brand.

Don’t be fooled by a resume with a lot of accolades and clients. These can be pretty impressive, but they don’t answer the critical question: “Can your brand deliver exceptional content consistently?”

Ask prospects to share references and links to relevant content — and their website, if any. Please take a deep look at the writing they’ve done to evaluate their style. You can ask and answer critical questions like:

  • Does it contain high-quality work (proper grammar, spelling, etc.? What is the answer?
  • Is the quality consistent between pieces?
  • Is it entertaining?
  • Is it genuine?
  • Is it relevant for the brand it was created for?
  • Can their style be adapted to our brand?
  • Are they enthusiastic and curious about the work they do?

It is not always easy for content writers to show proof of authorship. Many writers write thousands of words per day, often for multiple clients. You can verify the authenticity of their work and uncover potential client conflicts.

You can’t find the proof in the cake when searching for the perfect content writer to write for your website. The proof of the pudding isn’t on their resumes; it’s in the words they write on the screen.

2. You must ensure they can commit.

The most successful content writers are always very busy. It is essential to assess how much time you need from the person you hire. Also, ensure the person you are hiring can work the hours required.

Like any new hire, there will always be some learning curves when a writer starts creating content. They will need information about your brand, current marketing strategies, customer demographics, company goals, and other relevant details.

In collaboration with the rest of the company, your writer will help shape the brand’s voice. It’s crucial that you, too, dedicate the time and resources to smoothen the learning curve. An expert content writer will be a quick learner. If they aren’t, they may have misjudged their availability.

While deadlines should always be discussed, good content writers will stick to those agreed to. They realize that a missed deadline could cause an entire marketing plan to be canceled. Your website content may not be ready for launch, so you don’t want to push your product launch back.

You should have a budget plan in mind when hiring a writer. Not a month after the hire, discussions about compensation should be held. The terms are binding once you have both agreed to them.

High-quality content creation takes time. The person you hire to help with yours should take the time and effort your brand deserves. Avoid those writers who show signs of commitment. There are more fish than you think.

3. For the total package, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled.

Understanding the difference between a writer and a copywriter is essential to understanding this requirement. In simple words, copywriters persuade people to buy something, while content writers engage and educate them.

Let me offer you an example. The carnival barker asks you to get up and purchase a ticket to see the tightrope-walker. The tightrope walker is the content writer. His job is to entertain and delight.

This does not mean that content writers aren’t making sales for your company. They do it more subtly. They are helping people find your website by telling stories about the brand and keeping their attention for a while.

Good content writers should also be strategic thinkers. How do you use keywords, and other SEO strategies, to increase website rank? How do you inform people about your product without sounding too IT-y?

Great content writers know how to create engaging content that matches your brand. The content writers are also familiar with search engine algorithms, so they can help you get your website noticed. To build your brand stand out, you need both.

Finding a content writer who is both a storyteller as well as a strategist can be complex. Without a great writer, your website won’t look great. Don’t hire someone who isn’t capable of providing the complete package.

Look for consistency and high-quality content that aligns with the brand and the audience to find a suitable web content writer. Ask for the budget and time commitment your brand requires. Watch your website transform from boring to fabulous when the right pros know how to choose the right words.

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