Artificial Intelligence: Should You Teach It To Your Employees?

Artificial Intelligence Should You Teach It To Your Employees
Artificial Intelligence Should You Teach It To Your Employees

AI has become a strategic strategy for many businesses around the world. This technology can make a difference in any business area.

AI isn’t easy to implement. Even the best companies can fail and face challenges.
So what are the options? One strategy is to teach AI to the workforce.

Alteryx Senior Director of Products Marketing David Sweenor stated that if more people become AI-literate and contribute to the process, there will be more problems across the organization, both big and small. This is called the ‘Democratization of AI and Analytics.’ A team of 100 to 1,000 members can work on different problems within their respective areas of expertise. It will make a much more significant impact than if it’s just a few.

Levi Strauss & Co. has a comprehensive portfolio of training programs for enterprise employees. These programs were available to all employees and are focused on data analysis and AI for business applications. Machine Learning Bootcamp, for example, is an eight-week program to learn Python coding, neural networks, machine learning, with an emphasis on real-world scenarios.

“Our goal is to democratize that skill set and embed machine learning practitioners and data scientists throughout the organization,” said Louis DeCesari, the Global Head for Data, Analytics, and AI at Levi Strauss & Co.

Corporate training programs can be a costly waste. This is particularly true when senior management does not buy into the program.

Also, it is essential to have a program that goes beyond just lecturing. Kathleen Featheringham, the Booz Allen Director of Artificial Intelligence Strategy, stated that you need outcomes-based training. “Don’t just focus on AI learning, but how AI can be used to advance the mission of your organization. Role-based training should also be an option. There is no single approach to training that works for everyone. Training needs will vary from one person to the next.

AI training can be difficult due to the number of topics and complex concepts. It may be easier to start with simple issues.

Wilson Pang is Chief-Technology-Officer at Appen. He said, “A statistics course can prove very helpful.” “This course will teach employees how to interpret data and make sense out of data. It will allow the company to make data-driven business decisions.

Most importantly, AI is a team sport. Effective AI should be a team sport that involves everyone in an organization.

Alex Spinelli is Chief Technology Officer at LivePerson. “The acceleration in AI adoption is inevitable–most people experience AI on an everyday basis regardless of whether it is something we know or not.” “The more companies teach employees about AI, then the more they will offer opportunities to keep them up-to-date as the economy becomes increasingly dependent on AI-inflected jobs.” While it is essential to keep your company’s productivity and efficiency high, it’s equally important to have a workforce that understands and manages AI.

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