Elon Musk ‘Likes The Social Policies’ In Texas, According To Governor, Amid Abortion Furor

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says multi millionaire Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk “likes the social methods” in the state between a furor over its acquiring strict new abortion law, following its tighter regulations on voting and a loosening of gun rules.

Abbott stated today to CNBC that Texas won’t see a drop in Texas-based businesses, despite convincing companies like Toyota to move their U.S. operations to Austin from Los Angeles in recent years. He also said that Apple was attracted to Austin by the state’s massive new campus. He believes that Texas’ policies on social issues will draw companies to the state, not scare them away, and he cites Musk, who moved from Los Angeles to Austin in 2020. Tesla is currently building a plant near Austin, while SpaceX expands launch and production operations in its “Starbase,” in Boca Chica.

Abbott said that Elon had no choice but to leave California, citing the California social policies. He also noted that he talks with Musk quite often. “Elon always tells me he loves the state’s social policies.”

Without directly commenting on Abbott’s remarks, Musk said on Twitter that he trusts “government should rarely impose its will upon the public, and, when doing so, should aspire to increase their cumulative happiness. However, I would prefer not to be involved in politics.
Texas has been a magnet for corporations looking for lower taxes, less regulation, and a more favorable tax environment. This is especially true concerning California. Controversial policies Abbott and Texas legislators have encourage the state’s appeal for companies remains to be seen. The state’s ability and willingness to hire skilled workers may have been affected by its abortion law. Voting by PerryUndem found that 66% of college-educated workers researched said they would not take a job work in a state with the restrictions imposed by Texas.

Abbott also supported the imposition of limits on abortion, voter access, and allowing anyone 21 and older to own a handgun without training or licensing.

Although Musk has relocated from Los Angeles to Tesla’s most significant auto factory, Fremont, California, Tesla’s headquarters are located. SpaceX headquarters remain in Hawthorne for the time being.

Early days of the pandemic last year, Elon Musk grew infuriated when local health officials set limitations on operations at the Fremont plant, leading him to rant in an revenue call as local stay at home efforts that called “fascist.”

He says that he prefers to avoid politics, but it’s not always the truth. Notably, he joined a venture council devoloped by Donald Trump in the earlier days of presidency in 2017. Although construction at the Tesla plant seems to be complete, the production of electric cars is still uncertain because of delays in obtaining regulatory approvals.

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