5 Best Businesses to Launch Right Now

Startups are preparing to go back to their “routine” pre – pandemic process.

However, if you have been sitting on hands throughout the pandemic and have decided that you want to start a business now?

Indeed, it might be the best time to start your business. There are no restrictions on the trade, and companies are making changes to their operations. Consumers are also re-discovering the globe.

It is, therefore, an intelligent question to ask: What businesses make the most sense right now? Which one has the most significant potential to succeed?

Before we can get to the answers, I would like to provide context and explain how came to this short-list.

Firstly, have been helping small businesses for close to two decades in various industries–restaurants, daycare, HVAC, gyms, nail salons, the list goes on–both before the pandemic and afterward.

I was able to identify trends before the media did. I have heard directly about entrepreneurs‘ challenges, whether they need capital, pivot shut down, or raise money.

These are the top five businesses I think to make the best sense to launch now, without further delay.

Commercial and residential cleaning

Cleaning businesses are not new. The barrier to entry has always been very low. However, post-pandemic cleaning businesses can offer additional services.

The service could be commercial or residential, and it can meet the guidelines established by the CDC.

This can be particularly helpful for commercial tenants and property owners looking for a way to clean up their spaces and prepare them for employees or customers.

Even though not all commercial space will be able to return to its former capacities, offering a solution to meet health industry standards and get office and workspaces up and running faster and more reliable can make you stand out.

Distance learning and tutoring

For a long, schools and universities have offered hybrid learning experiences. With the return of increased interaction between students and instructors, schools and higher education institutions will need to provide services that assist students, instructors, administrators, and other learners in understanding the new world.

Entrepreneurs might be skeptical about local entrepreneurs working in this industry. Instead of thinking that large, well-known companies will dominate the space, they may consider setting up a virtual tutoring service. In which you collaborate with the district to develop the curriculum. The tutors you hire can also serve as adjuncts to regular instruction. They meet with students via video conferencing.

If you are the contrarian type, consider starting an in-person tutoring business. You will meet with students seperately or in groups in a rented location, and all safety and health regulations will be observed. If families are concerned about widespread infection, it might be a good idea to meet with their children in a smaller group setting.

Niche e-commerce, purchasing manager

Under the pandemic, online shopping was a must. While the “Amazon economy” was well for several years, the arrival of the coronavirus accelerated the adoption of e-commerce not only for customers but also for businesses that had long resisted it.

While you don’t want Amazon to compete, you can find a niche product for your business and create a business around it.

Hyperlocal: Partner with local business owners to find these missing goods and create value for the suppliers and local businesses.

Hyperlocal delivery services

Truckers have been the unsung heroes of this pandemic, as I wrote previously. Although not every trucking industry has been booming during the pandemics, there will continue to be an increased demand for logistics companies from specific industries.

Again, hyperlocal as with the previous category. Research is key to identifying a local industry that has changed for local trucking companies to serve it well.

It is important to offer services that are more efficient and cost-effective than those offered by mainstream companies. Working in a limited area will allow you to understand the cost of doing business and gain insight into your clients’ buying habits. This will help you better plan your business.

Home healthcare

Covid-19 led to the collapse of a large portion of the primary healthcare sector. Individuals stopped attending regular checkups or became unable to access medical care because of a severe reduction in availability or service. Patients have fewer options because many medical practices collapsed.

The demand for healthcare service providers will increase as the economy returns to normal. Although telemedicine will continue growing, there are ways to bridge the gap between offline and online.

Like my previous advice, you should also look at hyperlocal to see what services aren’t available. A medical courier service could be the perfect solution, transporting equipment and lab specimens to clinics and hospitals in your locality.

Home healthcare is an option.

Final words

Businesses that target a niche market are often the best to start. You can do your homework to discover gaps and then exploit them.

It will help if you also considered the available funding options and how much cash flow you expect.

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