3 Ways To Prepare An Exceptional Brand Pitch

A brand is nothing if nobody wants to purchase it. It doesn’t matter if your company is the next big thing. But if you can’t sell it effectively to consumers, investors, and influencers, then you are in serious trouble.

The numbers, branding, and the WOW factor are all critical when pitching for new business. But you already have those in place. The key to a great brand pitch and a great one is big picture thinking. Let’s take a step back. Then, look at the big picture and prepare to sell. Here are the steps to help you do that.

1.You have a story to share.

There are many things to remember when writing your pitch. But storytelling is the most important. It doesn’t matter how old a potential investor might be: a well-written narrative can make it impossible to resist.

The strength of a brand is identified by its ability to tell a story.

The Blake Project, a brand consultancy firm, stated that 90% of business decisions are emotional. When you prepare your pitch, keep this in mind. Your product’s history should be told in the same manner as a movie. There will be ups and downs, highs or lows, but ultimately a satisfying ending for everyone. If you give them a story to tell, they will be drawn in.

2.Be with your creatives.

While it is easy to visualize a great pitch from your imagination — dynamic photos and exciting language — creating one is a whole different story. The creatives that will bring your brand’s vision to life must convey the exact impression you want to make to your audience. A lack of consistency in communication or verbiage can easily result in your pitch materials not being what you envisioned.

Avoid these pitfalls by sticking with a strategy and creating a brief. Gurulocity, a brand management firm, suggests following the SI-A model. This is strategic, inspiring, and agreement. For creative briefs to be effective, they should be strategic and inspirational. It would help if you also worked in close collaboration with your innovative team. When you all have created a perfect synergy, you can create a memorable pitch.

3.Could you keep it simple?

Do not overcomplicate anything. Your pitch will be more difficult if it isn’t clear enough. Docusend’s recent analysis shows that investors spend on average 2 minutes and 45 seconds per pitch deck. If your message, key figures, or other critical information is not conveyed in this time frame, it’s a sign that you aren’t doing something right.

Before creating your pitch:

  1. Determine the information that you want your prospect to take home with them.
  2. After you’ve decided what it is, start your pitch around that.
  3. Emphasize the critical points while seamlessly transitioning between them.

A foriegnier who is not familiar with the business’s operations must grasp the basics in less than three minutes. If they aren’t, then something needs to be done.

Even if you have an excellent idea for a business, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can pitch it well. Slowly approach your pitch-making process, pay attention, and remember to always keep your eyes on who’s going on the receiving end. This is what will determine whether the pitch succeeds or fails.

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