10 Ways To Attract Young Talent To Your Company

Great way to grow a business is by finding talented new employees. Companies that hire young people often benefit from their fresh perspectives and new skills. In today’s competitive employment environment, it can be hard to attract young talent. Young Entrepreneur Council’s ten members discuss how their business can attract top young professionals.

What advice would you give to attract young and talented employees to your business?

1.Offer growth opportunities

“Make it clear right from the starting that you invest in your company’s career development and training your team. Make sure younger employees know that you will trust them to take charge of projects. Many graduates are eager for work and to quickly build their careers. They want to know that you will help them succeed.” –Mark Stallings, Casely, Inc.

2.Provide development stipends

“Offering to help with professional development is an excellent way to attract young talent that is eager to learn and grow. I see the stipend as an investment in my team’s future. It has not only made our employees happier but also helped our team to be at the top of their game.” –Brian David Crane from Caller Smart Inc.

3.Focus on your mission and vision

It is essential to build a great company with a strong vision. “If you want to attract top-performing junior employees, your employee Net Promoter score and feedback show that remote work, coaching, and learning and developing that challenges new hires is what junior team members most value.” –Alexander Young.

4.Participate on social media

For young talent, one piece of advice is to be a solid social media player. “If you provide valuable content on social media platforms and communicate that your brand is strong and cool, there will be many candidates who will apply for your company’s open jobs.” –Alfredo Atanacio. Uassist. ME

5.Leverage LinkedIn opportunities

LinkedIn can help you attract young talent to the company. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for young professionals to connect with other companies and find new jobs. This platform allows you to find top talent that will boost your business quickly.” –Stephanie Wells of Formidable Forms

6.Create engaging video content

“It is vital to keep active on social networks, especially those popular with Gen Z, to attract new talent. You must also adapt to new social media formats and interactive elements. Video content creates the most engagement and is more likely to reach younger audiences.” –Syed Balkhi. WPBeginner

7.Offer an internship program

“Initiate an internship program with local universities. This will help you attract college students looking for experience, but it will also help you develop their skills and prepare them to take on full-time jobs. “Providing a program can build a reliable network for employees.” –Duran Inci.

8.Inspire a positive, flexible atmosphere

A positive and flexible workplace is the best way to attract young talent. Google’s work culture has a unique appeal. It focuses on making employees happy and maximizing productivity. They have a culture built on trust.—Josh Kohlbach, Wholesale Suite 

9.Highlight causes that you support

“The younger generation demands that businesses support important social causes. You can appeal to the younger generation by highlighting the values and causes that your brand supports, regardless of whether they are more inclusive or committed to environmental causes. These matters play an important role in recruiting young talent.” –Blair Williams. MemberPress

10.Research the priorities of your target candidate

“Research the priorities for the generation you are trying to hire. The younger generation Z, on the other hand, values freedom and flexibility. Millennial employees tend to value job security more than they do flexibility. Meet your new hires where their values are. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Companies must learn how to target each position, each hire, appropriately.” Matthew Podolsky of Florida Law Advisers.

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