4 Tactics To Help Boost Sales In A Post-Pandemic World

Entrepreneurs understand how difficult it is to close sales. Some entrepreneurs might be surprised to learn how difficult it is to close a deal.

Marketing Donut research found that 92% quit on a lead after four rejections. Another study showed that 80% of leads would say “no” at least four times before finally giving up after the fifth try.

This is even assuming that salespeople aren’t wasting time in the “maybe zone.” Instead, salespeople often live in limbo — unwilling to adopt ineffective strategies or commit to more effective ones.

Instead, founders or leaders can take more deliberate measures to increase the closing percentages of their businesses.

1. Use educational materials to provide leads.

A customer’s understanding of a product/service is key to successful sales. Koby Hastings, CEO of Leadrilla, says that the best way is to provide consistent information.

Hastings stated that every outreach should make helpfulness its central theme. Don’t send brand-specific informational collateral, such as buyers guides and product brochures. When produced professionally and correctly, these materials can enhance the value exchange with you, demonstrate competence, and plant the seeds of a long-term partnership.

What is educational outreach? You can send postcards and emails to your leads. These materials will help you build brand and product awareness. Your leads will become more familiar with your services the more you educate them.

You are there to support them, not vice versa. Leads are willing to talk with salespeople to answer questions, clarify ambiguities, and understand the nuances before making buying decisions.

2. Use a multichannel approach.

Do not limit yourself to one channel. Blake Vernon, chief Revenue Officer at Sapper Consulting, advises you to cultivate a multichannel strategy.

In the past, sales might have been limited to emails or phone calls. Vernon says the landscape is very different today. “Consumerization has changed the landscape of B2B sales. Prospects are seeking a multichannel, personalized experience that makes it more accessible.

Your sales team must actively contact potential buyers. Connect with potential buyers via social media, emails, phone calls, video conferencing, or by using email. Your group can be more reachable and appealing to a broad audience with multiple engagement platforms in this post-pandemic environment.

3. Your pitch should be tailored better.

The pandemic has altered the pace of the sales cycle. The time from the initial client to the sale was usually short. In the past, many clients purchased on impulse or gut feeling.

Lockdowns have slowed business operations, so clients are now more organized in their purchasing decisions. Sales teams will have to work harder to persuade clients to buy.

It is essential to understand the client’s needs and present a pitch that will appeal to them. This is one of the great ways to achieve that in today’s new reality. While potential clients may still be cautious, this focused emphasis might be enough to convince them to sign a contract.

4. Your property can be a solid solution– Not the product.

It is tempting to see your product as the only thing that matters. What clients want is solutions to their problems and solutions to their pain points. It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is if it’s irrelevant to the client.

Concentrate on the clients’ issues and concerns. Deliver a pitch that demonstrates how your product can solve those problems efficiently and on budget. The benefits of your product for their situation can be presented in the form of a hypothetical scenario that you have crafted for the client.

This solution-focused approach can leave a lasting impression and is something that clients take back with them.

Selling has never been easy. In today’s post-pandemic environment, sales professionals need to be more attentive and creative in closing deals. You can keep your startup from falling into the “maybe” zone and build a strong client list by doing this consistently and effectively. You can increase your client base and generate more sales if you do that enough.

Use a multichannel approach to educate your leads. Focus on client problems and tailor your pitch accordingly. Finally, tell your story. You’ll be setting your team up to achieve lasting sales success by doing all of these things.

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