Want to Reach an Overwhelming Goal? Try the Simple Trick That’s ‘Like the Navy Seals, But for Personal Growth.’

Focusing on results is essential when you run any coaching program or consulting program. It attracts new clients, keeps them happy, and keeps us coaches motivated to improve lives.

A lack of client results is what can cripple confidence. So will share some of experiences and the science behind them. It is hoped that it will help you understand your behavior and the behavior of your clients.

Let’s take a look at completing a course. Your clients have completed many courses or coaching programs. It happens all the while, and we get frustrated because we want to see positive change. We say to ourselves, “If they had just done the things I asked,”

Here are some ways to make this outcome more likely.

How to make habits that stick

I am a personal development specialist for entrepreneurs. To make behavior stick, there are specific actions you must take to create lasting change and shift in your identity.

For example, meditation. My clients gradually increase the time they meditate from 10 minutes to 60 mins over a 6- to 12-week period. It is the goal to help them become calm and confident entrepreneurs.

In this instance, my clients were unable to adopt the new practice by willpower alone. Self-sabotage would be which is the usual restlessness experienced by many when trying to change their behavior.

I set up a daily tracking program as my first step to solving the problem.

My clients have to fill out their daily high-performance tracker each day by a set time. Failure to do this will cause the member’s area to be closed and a challenge set up to get back into it.

Individuals sometimes find it challenging to keep track of their daily activities and maintain a consistent schedule. As a regulator, a daily tracker helps train the brain to be more disciplined. Trackers are a little push, an external stimulus to stimulate intrinsic motivation in my clients.

The satisfaction of achieving a daily goal builds confidence. Clients receive a dopamine rush by completing the tracker each day, which reduces self-doubt. Soon, clients will find that they like the logging and associate it with a personal development reward.

The “lockout”: Another level of accountability

I introduced a four-stage locking system to increase accountability. After a set number of lockouts, the system asks the client to exit the program. It’s almost like the Navy Seals, except that it is for personal growth.

Negative reinforcement is sometimes necessary for people to get back on track. Sometimes they feel incapable of fixing themselves and are discouraged by all the failures. Clients realize it is now or never when they employ this shocking tactic. This is their chance to put their act together or risk not achieving the success they want.

Fear of punishment activates the amygdala and pre-frontal cortex (discipline) of the brain. The two types of sentences — a regular lock or a superlock (after three) — are continuum stages. Each stage repeats and reinforces the sequence of a consequence of an emotional reaction. The client has one last chance to make a decision that will lead to a transformative moment.

The locking system is undoubtedly the most loved part of the coaching experience. It was also the one that caused the most significant shift in behavior when evaluating the results. It can be difficult for clients to like at first, but it becomes a favorite once they begin to see results. Clients can avoid the lock consequence and are also rewarding and reinforcing new positive neural pathways.

For the brain to process at its best, is needs consistency and accountability. You can harness the brain’s potential to help your clients improve their self-awareness, focus, creativity, and reduce stress.

This system will transform clients’ perceptions of programs and make them say, “I don’t complete these programs.” That’s the kind of change that will have a significant impact on your consulting or coaching business. You can help clients unlock their potential, and you can also achieve your personal and professional goals.

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