Deluxe Realty Marketing: The Tech Innovators Disrupting The Mortgage & Real Estate Industry

Technology is transforming the way we manage business. We can see the benefits of it on many business owners. Companies can focus more on what is most important to their business, like generating revenue. Reduced workloads enable them to be less productive. This is true for those companies where most of the payment is affected by closing deals and meeting prospects.

The real estate/mortgage business is an excellent example of such an industry. Instead of closing deals, real estate and mortgage professionals spend considerable time managing their marketing and cold calling. Billboards and lead generation are all often ineffective. Real estate and mortgage professionals should spend their time meeting prospects instead of wasting time on these tasks. That is where the money is made.

Yaman Abuibaid (left) and Joseph Ierfino (right) are two entrepreneurs who have created a company that uses digital marketing to provide real estate and mortgage professionals services. These two men founded Deluxe Realty Marketing and RECODemand.

Early Beginnings

Yaman Abuibaid was one of the cofounders of Deluxe Realty Marketing. His unconventional route to real estate led him to a new path. As a child, he excelled in computer programming and won many national competitions. As he grew up, he realized the value of his skills. In response, he started developing websites for businesses.

Joseph Delfino is a digital market professional that he met while working on a project. A real estate firm gave Joseph a brief to work on their digital market. The young couple had never been given such a high-profile task before. But they accepted the challenge.

Abuibaid & Ierfino worked tirelessly and used their technical knowledge to develop unique digital marketing processes that were completely different from the traditional methods of marketing they had previously implemented. Their client was impressed with the results of the campaigns. They were able to optimize the data by reading it and then A/B-test the demographic targeting. After only a few months, Abuibaid & Ierfino had been running them for several months. The marketing strategies they used had a tenfold return on investment. This validation motivated them to concentrate on digital marketing in the mortgage and real estate industries, which is why they founded Deluxe Reality Marketing.

Growing your Business

It was tough to get started in the business. The initial clients needed to be found by cold calling and sending out emails. Ironically, this was precisely the type of time-consuming activity they wanted their future clients to avoid. They used their digital marketing knowledge to create a strategy to fill their schedules with appointments booked weeks in advance. They were able to automate this process, which allowed them to build a team of commission-only salespeople slowly. This was all while maintaining a high rate of closes.

They received constant feedback from new clients, much like their first realty client. It was clear that digital marketing strategies brought them more leads than the other methods. After some time, the demand grew to Yaman and Ahmed realized they had to streamline their operations. So Yaman asked Ahmed, his older brother, to take over as head of operations.

Ahmed has extensive knowledge in the field of information technology. After months of mapping out and building systems, they could offer a full range of digital marketing services. They also serviced a large number of clients without compromising the quality of their offerings. As they grew, this strategy paid off.


Deluxe Realty Marketing currently has 47 employees. These include data analysts, marketers, copywriters, growth specialists, and copywriters. They manage ad campaign campaigns for real estate and mortgage professionals. This team uses its monthly marketing budgets to help clients drive real growth. They run optimized and hyper-targeted ads on digital advertising platforms.

Although the core digital marketing offering has seen significant success over recent years, the guys planned to move into the education market in their niche. They realized that teaching digital marketing strategies they had developed would be a great offer to make available to the public.

So they formed RECODemand, which stands for Real Estate Commissions On Demand.

The team created the curriculum for nine months. The program pairs the client with a marketing expert for 1-on-1 training. The training includes tips on using advertising platforms, automation tools that reduce time spent on tasks, access their top-performing campaigns, top offers, and marketing techniques. The program has been a success with hundreds of mortgage and real estate professionals. RECODemand is one of the fastest-growing education tech companies in North America.

Abuibaid & Ierfino are now running RECODemand & Deluxe Realty Marketing together. Abuibaid and Ierfino can assist companies in learning how to market real estate/mortgage.

The Future

In the future, the company will be keen on providing services beyond standard marketing services. This will make the lives of mortgage and real estate professionals easier. They discovered that other tasks could be tedious and time-consuming for their clients after they had worked with them. Customer service is an example of such an activity. Real estate agents spend a lot of time on the phone reaching out to prospects and following them up. Slowly, they hired, trained, and built their call center, which acts like a client’s assistant, on a monthly fee. This enabled mortgage and real estate professionals to have a highly-trained virtual assistant for a fraction of the cost of hiring an assistant in-house.

The new offering saved clients on average 7 hours per workweek. Their client can now focus on the most critical aspects of their business and grow their business. Deluxe Realty Marketing saw a 30% increase in revenue due to this new offering.

They have been able to build this company without funding through listening to customers and implementing processes. They plan to be the back office for all real estate agents. This makes them an industry leader.

Yaman Abuibaid & Joseph Ierfino created two companies that have significantly impacted the real estate and mortgage industries. They did this by hard work, creativity, innovation, and a commitment to mastering critical technology. Deluxe Realty Marketing has helped many professionals and companies in these industries tremendously.

Abuibaid & Ierfino intend to continue disrupting the real estate and mortgage industry with unmatched service and training programs. They are true innovators, and they are constantly working to keep up with the latest trends.

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