The Drawback Of Running A Startup Outside Of Big Cities

Industries clusters are essential because luck is not as prevalent online.

Remote work has been one of the bright spots of the past year and a half. It has also influenced the culture of the company. Many companies have realized that you don’t need to live in traffic jams to operate a digital company. Zoom also makes it easy to hold meetings that are as effective and efficient online as in person.

People even suggest that remote work could be the key to creating vibrant living economies in small villages and towns, which have experienced a rapid decline over recent decades.

Although all this is true, there are many positives to working remotely in startups. However, startup founders need to be mindful of the potential costs of being far from their cities.

Are you familiar with the Milanese Leonardo? No, no one has. There is no such person. Florence is the home of all the most excellent Italian Renaissance painters. While Milano was home to many talented people, it is clear that gifted people need an environment that nurtures their talents.

“At any one time, there are some hot topics and a few great groups working on them. If you’re not close to one of these centers, it’s almost impossible for you to do good work. These trends can be pulled or pushed to some degree, but they cannot be broken. (Maybe, you can, but Milanese Leonardo could not. Paul Graham

Serendipity is the reason industry clusters are so important. At a party, conference, or office, you might meet someone who might be interested in your field. This is often the great way to meet investors, co-founders, and even customers.

Although small towns offer a high quality of life and are free from traffic jams, there may not be enough people to support your business. This will reduce your chances of luck.

It’s no coincidence that Silicon Valley is home to many of the world’s most successful startups. Or, more recently, other emerging startup clusters such as New York. Venture capital funds may pass on investments located far from their offices. Even though you could find a startup in a group, it’s much harder to make it successful.

Although parties and conventions still have a place in office buildings of the 21st century, people must meet online. There are industry clusters in physical locations, but also online ones. Online events and courses, online communities such as forums and Facebook groups and Slack communities and subreddits, and online communities like communities and Facebook groups are all available. You can find many different digital clusters.

Participating in digital clusters like these is highly recommended, even if the startup is located in your city. But it’s mandatory if the startup clusters are far away.

Serendipity online is less likely, but it’s still possible. It’s more about the possibility of human connection than the actual place.

Summary: Even if you cannot physically move, it is worth trying to visit as many places as possible where you find people who are also interested in the same thing. If you cannot travel, try looking online for people who might be interested in the same thing as you. You can cultivate serendipity-friendly habits.

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