11 Ways to Automate Your Business and Boost Efficiency

Repetition, waste, inefficiency, and bureaucracy can all slow down a business’s ability to do business. The Oracles members share their systems for streamlining your business, so it runs like a Swiss Watch.

1. Implement AI and Machine Learning.

It is now possible to convert your business metrics to data points. These data points can then be passed to an artificial intelligence engine that optimizes many aspects such as price and marketing spend. It’s essential to become familiar with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other forms of machine learning.

Your company can join Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Google Cloud comes with built-in automation tools. You’ll also automatically receive the latest updates as Google frequently updates them. Microsoft Azure is following them closely and is available at a competitive price. The right machine-learning tools can help you maximize efficiency and turbocharge the performance of your business.

2. Both a sales and a business cycle should be created.

A sales cycle begins when customers show interest and ends when they make a purchase. You market and move people towards your product and service with a business cycle. When starting, most people don’t have enough money to set up a business. Large corporations are part of the business cycle. They spend money to create traffic. You need a business circle that is constantly monitoring your business to automate.

3. You should look for repetition.

To identify missed automation opportunities, my team meets together to discuss the repetitive tasks we do. Next, we search for an automated solution to perform the job at the same or better level while still providing exceptional service. We have had great success automating mundane tasks, such as responding to emails or sorting them. This improved the customer experience rather than hurting it.

4. It should be easy and consistent.

To be effective, automation does not have to be complex. Complex systems are more challenging to maintain and more susceptible to failure. People apply each day to our program. The book calls with one of our coach development coaches. Because our author liaison matches all applications with appointments, calls are quickly booked and distributed fairly.

5. You will need a nuclear team as well as ninja contractors.

Sam Walton was the founder of Walmart. He said that the best management style is not to micromanage and be hands-off.

Because no one can do everything, I employ many highly specialized “ninja contractors” trained to perform specific tasks, such as social media, copywriting, and email marketing. While I am looking over my shoulder, my small full-time staff manages all other charges.

Automation is the ability to build the most efficient team around yourself. It cuts costs by outsourcing specific tasks to contractors. You’re not their only source of income, so they don’t have to do it all.

6. Work only 20 minutes per day

I created my e-commerce website only to contribute 20 minutes per week to keep it running. I initially ran the business but then was gradually replaced by others. My biggest obstacle was trusting others to do my work. However, when you put your money and time into others, they can often do a better job than you.

Training and standard operating procedures are essential for your team to be able to deal with problems. All of my emails were copied to a document to make it easy for my first customer support agent. By that time, I had answered all the questions a customer might have. She knew exactly what to do when she contacted me.

7. Empower, educate, & outsource.

A team that is committed to your business’ success is crucial. It would be best if you established clear policies and procedures. Encourage your employees to contribute. Continue to mentor your team and offer knowledge assessments through the Socratic Method (which emphasizes asking questions rather than providing answers) to help them learn.

Next, you can outsource the essentials to experts in sales, marketing, billing, collections, and bookkeeping. This will keep the business running.

8. Streamline task management, communication.

Trello and Slack help us to coordinate communications and tasks so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Now you can create roles to allow a virtual assistant to route tasks to the correct team member. ScheduleOnce will enable you to automate appointments.

A two-step process is used when creating systems for employees: I film myself doing a task with Loom, then break down the video into steps.

9. You must commit to a 5-step plan.

Learn everything you can. To be able to take over the most crucial positions, you must first learn how they work. Don’t spend company money. It would help if you only took home a salary. Three, be aware of your weaknesses. It was the best decision ever made. He made my weakness, documenting procedures, strength in our organization. Learn the mental makeup of every job and then hire for it. Five, relax! There are many people better than you at performing a specific function within your business. They will do their job.

10. Have patience and a human touch.

Except for an app, new businesses need personal attention to start. You can’t automate a business’s new venture.

Be patient. You must take the time to ensure that your business is running smoothly. Also, you should continue to bring a personal touch as you grow. Find a way to automate only the areas that aren’t affecting customer service.

If your process isn’t tailored to the needs of each customer, you don’t want them to be lost.

11. Commit to delivering consistent delight.

Issy Sharp was the founder of Four Seasons Hotels. He told me something that stuck with him when I first met him: “Systematize what is predictable.” Humanize the extraordinary

Every mentor I work with asks one question. “How can you create once, delight many times?” These high-achieving entrepreneurs feel they have to be personally involved in all interactions with clients. This is a fatal error and can be frustrating operationally.

Email automation is one of the good ways to automate “humanly.” I’ve used platforms such as Emma and ConvertKit for email delivery “sequences” that are pre-written emails. These sequences don’t remove authenticity but instead deliver delight.

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