LA Clippers Announce Partnership With Global Fan Influence And Rewards Platform Socios

Monday saw the Los Angeles Clippers announce a new partnership agreement with offers rewards and a fan influence platform. Socios is currently the most significant global blockchain provider in the sports and entertainment sector. is a D2C platform that provides direct-to-customer (D2C) services to many professional organizations and sports franchises. It uses blockchain technology for the following:

Scott Sonnenberg, Chief Global Partnerships Officer for the Clippers, supports new and innovative ways of connecting fans to the sport.

Sonnenberg released a press statement saying that the Clippers put their fans first and have a relationship with Clipper Nation built on seamless interactions with them at all touchpoints. “ is a leader in global fan engagement and understands how technology, innovation, and sports can drive the industry forward. integrations in the Clippers’ digital, social, and mobile platforms, as well as their hospitality experiences, will be part of this multi-year partnership.

This is another multi-year relationship between Clippers and global companies. Over the past two years, they already have a partnership with Honey (an LA-based tech company that specializes in eCommerce) and Betway (a worldwide recognized online gambling and gaming brand).

The Clippers are the latest professional sports franchise to strike a deal. They will be joining the network, which features 50-plus significant international sporting properties.

For U.S.-based sports franchises, the New Jersey Devils (NHL) recently became the first to join Socios. Soon after, the Boston Celtics joined them on the NBA side with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Alexandre Dreyfus is the CEO of and “The Clippers are fully aware of how our fan engagement platform will allow them to scale their brand internationally, and I’m happy with our plans together. This is yet another milestone in a period of incredible growth in the U.S. has been exciting for our company. generated over $150 million in revenues worldwide for sports teams in 2021. They are also experimenting with eSports. Major organizations such as Alliance, NAVI, OG, and Alliance all have Fan Tokens. offers information for users and fans who want to dive into the world of fan tokens and support their favorite team through this new partnership.

The Social app is also available as a download, and it is straightforward to use.

You can find an introduction to fan tokens on the Socios website. Also, a breakdown of how it works for fans and the steps you need to follow to get started.

For new users, the concept of fan tokens and the entire cryptocurrency universe can be confusing. These digital assets are collectible and can be used as fan tokens. They are created on the Chiliz platform, a significant blockchain provider for entertainment and sports businesses. Chili offers a detailed explanation of what fan tokens are and how people will use them. This article is available here.

The Clippers’ relationship will become more apparent shortly. They will provide additional information to guide fans through this new way to cheer on their team. For the first time, viewers will be rewarded for their continued support and engagement throughout every game, season, playoff run.

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