6 Genuine Reasons Why People Become Entrepreneurs

However, the freedom and accountability that come with entrepreneurship are unmatched.

Here are six real reasons people want to be entrepreneurs.

1.Their creativity doesn’t match the corporate environment.

It may be that you are not a good fit for the corporate culture. This can sometimes be frustrating. But, if you learn to accept not fitting into a corporate culture like many of your friends, you will find something beautiful.

Steve Jobs probably best summarised this idea when, “When you’re growing up, you tend to get told the world is the same way… Life can be more significant once you learn one simple fact: Everything you call life was created by people no more intelligent than yourself. It is possible to change it. You can influence it. 

The limitations of corporate life can limit your creativity.

2.They are looking for a lifestyle that goes beyond nine to five.

It’s easy to talk about a flexible lifestyle, but the truth is that you will work very hard and long in entrepreneurship. If you think it’s a shortcut, don’t choose this path. While you will still work hard, the entrepreneurial lifestyle allows for more flexibility than the nine-to-five and two-week vacations that corporate life allows.

According to the old saying, Entrepreneurship is the ability to live a few years in your life as most people will not so that you can enjoy the rest of the time like most people. While it’s hard work, you have the freedom to make your life what you want.

3.They are passionate about learning.

It is essential never to stop learning. Many people mistakenly associate the end of education with age, status, and specific achievements. However, learning is not a one-stop-shop. Entrepreneurs don’t stop learning. Entrepreneurs are driven by their passion for learning, which can be from formal education to job discoveries.

Michael Gerber, the mega-successful entrepreneur, says: “The entrepreneurial in us see potential everywhere we look. But many people see the only problem after problem everywhere they look.” Entrepreneurs are more concerned about recognizing opportunities than they are with missing them.

4.Their ideas are unique.

Entrepreneurship requires creativity and perhaps a touch of insanity. Entrepreneurs change the world. They see the world how they want it to be and not how it is. Entrepreneurs are driven by crazy ideas, such as the Wright Brothers’ brilliant idea to create a flying plane and the madness of Bill Gates to create personal computers.

Albert Einstein once said that logic would get you from one place to the next. Your imagination will take you wherever you want.

Entrepreneurs understand that logic is restrictive but that unconventional ideas can change the course of events.

5.They want to do something.

Guy Kawasaki, an entrepreneur, said that the best reason to start a business is to make meaning. He wanted to create a product and service to improve the world.

Every entrepreneur is driven by the pursuit of meaning and the ability to do work that impacts the world. If you feel unhappy living a life that leaves you on the sidelines or in the background, then entrepreneurship might be the right choice for you. Entrepreneurs learn by doing, and they have a voracious appetite to explore.

If you think the status quo is too easy for you, you will likely understand one of the fundamental reasons entrepreneurs choose entrepreneurship.

6.They want to change the world.

Entrepreneurs want to not only change their lives but also change the world.

Mark Twain’s best description of the lures of entrepreneurship was when he said, “Twenty-year from now, you will be more disappointed with the things that were not done than by those you did.” Get rid of the bowlines. The safe harbor is just a few steps away. Enjoy the trade winds at your sails. Explore. Dream. Explore.

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