8 Mandates For Development

Success is not something that happens overnight. Will Smith once stated, “Greatness does not have to be this mysterious, esoteric God-like feature that only a few will ever taste.” It is something that exists in everyone.

Successful people know that preparation and practice are crucial to success. My journey as an entrepreneur and advisor has led me to eight simple, practical guidelines for growth. These will help you on your way. These are my eight principles for development that I share with you in the hope that they will help you grow faster and more painlessly than mine.

1.Have a growth mindset

Many studies link a growth mindset with success.

Stanford University’s Professor Carolyn Dweck leads such research. She said a growth mindset as the belief in the possibility of developing one’s most fundamental abilities and skills along with hard work and dedication — brains and talent only are the starting points. You are developing a growth mindset if you believe that talents can be acquired through hard work, good strategies, and input from others. People with a fixed mindset will not achieve as much because they are more invested in learning and less concerned about their appearance.

Employers who embrace a growth mindset culture are much more empowered, committed, and innovative. They also work more collaboratively towards achieving the organization’s goals.

We have a mix of fixed and growth mindsets. This mix evolves, so a pure growth mindset is not possible. False growth mindsets, which are not honest about this fact, will prevent you from achieving the results you want.

While it’s not easy work, organizations and individuals can learn a lot from deepening their knowledge of growth mindset concepts and the process for putting them into action. They also gain a better understanding of who and what they stand for and how they want to go forward.

2.Always keep learning

You can learn to listen. Too many people don’t listen, and they fail to realize. Listen to customers, employees, and industry peers. Because entrepreneurs get so busy, so much is lost. Too often, I saw people lose valuable intelligence. It was because they were not paying attention. Listening has many other benefits. It can help release tensions and show empathy. It can also build trust and demonstrate respect.

It is essential to learn how to learn. Connectivity has enabled us to connect with the rest of the globe.

I am obsessed with learning. The more I learn, the makes I realize how little I know. This may sound crazy, but it’s very accurate. I am constantly curious and asking more questions about the topics I’m researching. It’s fun, and I have a calendar for learning. I make sure that I have all the time I need each day.

3.You can improve yourself.

You can recover and adapt quickly to new opportunities every day by being self-aware.

Entrepreneurs need to constantly think about reinventing their process, system, team, or product. You shouldn’t make customer acquisition if you don’t have enough customers. Instead, it should be a constant alongside many other variables. If you have enough customers, customer acquisition can create a richer and more satisfying experience. Only you can do this if your self-improvement is constant.

The problem is, everyone becomes busy. Most often, this is due to growth or failure. You don’t have to be active. Time is your friend; it’s just how you use it and what it does that matters.

Many people whine about cash flow and lack of resources, but in reality, everyone started with zero. You are responsible for creating opportunities, fostering a passion for learning, and improving yourself.

This means you can always start over if you make a mistake. Intuitively reinvent yourself and the business you run. This requires you to know who you are and what your business represents.

4.Time is your friend. It is your friend.

I’m sure. You think you are wasting your time and don’t know where else you can find it. Look at why you don’t have the time. 

This alone will show you that you have more time to do things than you think. This exercise alone will give you an average of five extra hours.

Time is your friend. You must own it. The clock dictates to too many people I have met. They make their lives fit around their schedule, which they then justify by putting up so many barriers that they don’t have the time.

Time is our most valuable resource. It’s precious and irreplaceable. Why do we waste huge time doing things that don’t serve us? Understanding the value and respecting time will allow you to learn more quickly and get your work done faster. You know that speed cannot be replaced and that failing rapidly can be a valuable tool in learning.

You can now start to do, delete and defer, and delegate as much of your time as you want. This will give you more freedom, control, and flexibility.

5.Look for mentors and advisers.

Mentoring means sharing your life experiences, knowledge, and skills to help others reach their full potential.

Did you know:

  • 76% of people believe mentorship is essential. However, only 36% of people have ever had a mentor.
  • Millions of people feel “stressed out.”
  • Mentoring is a great way to hike your chances of success by 68%
  • 25% of entrepreneurs who took part in a mentorship program saw an increase in their revenues.

Mentoring and business advisors are vital tools for your growth and your mental well-being.

A supportive friend can make all the change in your daily life. An advisor who is a consistent and enduring presence in a person’s life can mean the difference between persevering or giving up, making healthy decisions and engaging in risky behaviors, and realizing one’s potential or failing in achieving one’s goals.

Skilled advisors can help entrepreneurs have a positive outlook about themselves and their future. They also have better outcomes at home and in the communities they live in.

Mentor programs can help companies achieve faster results, higher profits, better retention rates, lower stress levels, and greater profitability than other businesses.

6.Develop good habits

Habits are actions that result from repeated practice. Habits take six weeks to create, but they can be firmly imprinted in your fabric with focus.

Research has done a lot on successful habits. I recommend 10 of the best practices that I subscribe to.

  1. Get up early
  2. You can read or listen to books
  3. Focused thinking
  4. Exercise
  5. Meditate
  6. Be surrounded by A-players
  7. Your goals are yours
  8. Sleep
  9. Multiple income streams
  10. Be responsible for your time.

7.Follow your purpose.

It is known fact that it is essential to have a clear life purpose. But it can be challenging to know what your goal is.

It is essential first to understand what purpose means. It is sometimes referred to by the “why” — which can be great, but it raises the same question. You are why? It is basically what motivates you to do something or create something.

Your “why” gives you determination. It’s what keeps you inspired and motivated. Your purpose, your reason for doing something, is what drives you to achieve results.

You can act if you discover your purpose.

Knowing your purpose is critical because it’s the key to unlocking your potential. It is possible to lose your way in life. But if you are determined and have a purpose, it will be easy to find your way again. This is because your heart knows what meaning means to you.

Understanding your purpose can help you be vulnerable and make your values known to the world. Despite making mistakes along the journey, you’ll find that obstacles become smaller, problems are solved, and your mental health improves.

Because success is not measured in wealth, but fulfillment, living with purpose is the number one secret to my success.

8.Urgency — Act fast.

Urgency is crucial and demands swift action. It’s all about persistence, and it’s a quality most people lack.

High performers can be frustrated, mainly because they are responsible for the performance of their teams. Many entrepreneurs I work with and meet complain about the lack of accountability and actions from their teams. I find that many of their frustrations are similar when I look into them. They are the problem. The problem lies with them. Their lack of leadership, accountability, and management skills spread throughout the company.

But there are exceptions. These are my dream clients. These are the doers, the shakers, and the action takers. They struggle with systems that enable them to duplicate their activities. This is easy to fix and requires discipline and action.

Realize that your business is dependent on getting things done quickly. And progress is better than perfection.

Charles Darwin famously stated, “It’s the most adaptable who survive.” But evolutionary change is slow and takes time. Modern shifts occur in shorter times. The contemporary entrepreneur must learn fast.

You will achieve success in so many different ways if you follow these eight simple rules. It will boost your self-confidence. It will grow your social proof and expand your knowledge base. These are factors that will enable you to empower others and motivate them to take action. You will be fulfilled because you feel fulfilled when you take action each day on matters that matter.

Be content to do nothing. Don’t despair; don’t keep your head in your hands. This is your chance!

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