How A Mobile-First Strategy Can Transform How You Do Business

Our attention spans are shorter than that those of a goldfish, according to a Microsoft study. Microsoft conducted a study that found that people lose focus after eight seconds because of the world we live in, which is increasingly digital and distracted. This makes it harder to connect with people in business or beyond.

The entrepreneurs behind the tech company Lightico noticed that existing digital tools only magnified this issue of productivity in our digital world. While we do more online business than ever before, technology is still lagging. This is evident when it comes to PDFs and other forms used in digital and printed formats. Lightico’s team recognized the need for a mobile responsive (and mobile native) design to allow users to fill in digital documents and forms from their mobile phones.

Companies create a better customer experience by creatively using technology.

Simplify complex systems

It is possible to streamline processes to benefit consumers and businesses that provide them with services. While this is obvious, it means you must accept that even if something works, it might still need to be changed. Lighting developed the Digital Completion Cloud to simplify collecting signatures, verifying identification, collecting documents, and filing forms. It is a digital tool that can be customized that allows companies to gather signatures and files records in a way that is easy for both the brand and the consumer.

Whether you’re a tech entrepreneur, a retailer entrepreneur, or something in between, it’s essential to consider the customer’s experience. You can simplify your customer’s experience by asking the following question: “What is the easiest way for them to achieve their goal?”

The majority of internet users prefer mobile options. Systems and processes must cater to this. Whether informational, retail, or interactive, your customer’s journey should be assessed to determine if it is optimized for mobile-first. This is essential as we continue to deal with the effects of the pandemic. Many people are still working remotely or need services fulfilled online.

Make it easy for the customer to finish their journey.

Customers find it difficult to commit to a complicated or siloed process if they are unfamiliar with the steps. Lighting saw that clients and customers were dissuaded from completing complex PDF documents. No matter what industry you are here, it is crucial to identify where clients or customers might get stuck on completing their journey. This is because they are busy, or they forget to file paperwork.

These issues can cause huge losses for businesses, but these problems are easily fixed using the right technology. Entrepreneurs must stay ahead to create a customer journey that connects people right where they are, on their phones. Your business can be transformed by a mobile-first strategy that integrates marketing, sales, technology.

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