Telemundo Launches New Hispanic Streaming Division To Bolster Latino Content On Peacock

Three months after inaugurating Telemundo Streaming Studios, to meet the growing demand for Latino streaming audiences on Telemundo and other platforms, NBC Universal Telemundo Enterprises has announced today that the NBC Universal Telemundo Hispanic Streaming division was created. The new business division boosted Latinos’ growth on Peacock and across all Telemundo/NBC Universal streaming platforms.

Beau Ferrari, Chairman, NBC Universal Telemundo Enterprises, says, “The NBC Universal Telemundo Hispanic Streaming division immediately combines and amplifies [our unmatched resources] and reach to audience across the company. This accelerates our presence on Peacock as well as the entire NBCU stream portfolio.”

The company’s new initiative seeks to reach more viewers, referred to as “200%ers”, or Latinos who are 100% American and 100% Latino.

Hispanic Streaming will help increase Latino viewing of Peacock by developing, programming, and improving content offerings. This division will be responsible for the development of more than 50 projects through 2022 and beyond. Romina Rosado is the company’s internal exec and will lead the new division as EVP/General Manager of Hispanic Streaming.

Telemundo wants to build on the success of Telemundo’s original Super Series, originals for direct-to-consumer platforms, as well as the increasing demand from Latino streaming audience members. As their media consumption habits evolve, Telemundo will leverage its successes in creating the original Super Series. Telemundo Streaming Studios was launched. The Hispanic Streaming division will be able to help increase the visibility of Spanish-language content on Peacock.

Rosado said that Hispanics make up 1 in 4 Americans today. They love content and are avid consumers of all languages and platforms. Telemundo-powered NBC Universal allows NBCUniversal to connect with these 200%ers – 100% Latino and 100% American Latinos.
Latino consumers average 14 years less than non-Hispanic Whites. They spend more hours per day viewing video through TV-connected devices and video-focused apps than total adults.

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