Billie Eilish Scores One Of The Biggest Debuts Of 2021 With Second No. 1 Album ‘Happier Than Ever’

Billie Eilish showed that she was a talent worth watching with her debut EP “Don’t Smile At Me,” and then she went international with her second full-length album, When We All fall asleep, Where Do We Go? She proven again that she is one the most potent and famous musicians in the industry right now, with a staggering first-week sales total, something few artists can match.

Happier Than Ever quickly starts at No. Due to the 238,000 equivalent units transferred, this week’s Billboard 200 chart was at No. 1. The sum includes 153,000 direct sales and 84,000 streaming-equivalent units, which make up nearly 114 million streams.

Eilish lands her second No. With Happier Than Never, Eilish is ranked No.1 on the Billboard 200. Both of her official albums opened in the first place. With ease, she launched her first full-length When We All Fall Asleep. The set had more than 300,000. It was even more significant than her current smash success.

Happier That Ever marks Eilish’s second-highest ten as none of her other efforts, despite them being bestsellers and streaming titans, have made it to the top tier on Billboard 200. There are three other albums by Eilish, including the Don’t Smile At Me EP.

Happy Than Ever is the third-largest pure sales week in 2021, with 153,000 copies sold. Eilish’s latest comes in behind only two titles by Taylor Swift, as the country/pop chart-toppers. Evermore (192,000 copies sold) and Fearless (Taylor’s Version) (179,000 copies sold) were snapped up by her fans in a single week so far this year.

Eilish released Happyter Than Ever as a complete project before spinning off five singles. All of them have become Hot 100 top 40 hits. “My Future,” “Therefore I Am,” and “Your Power” all made it into the top 10, peaking as Nos. 6, 2, and 10, respectively. The No. 1 spot for her more recent songs, “Lost Cause” & “NDA,” was taken by “Nature.” They were respectively 39 and 27. Eilish started her new era by singing “Everything You Wanted,” but she chose not to include the title Happier Than Ever despite the fact it was another top-10 win for the singer and won sensational record of the Year at the Grammys.

Billboard will begin announcing this week’s Hot 100 songs. Some tracks from Happier than Ever may be included on the tally.

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