Secrets To Working Together As Married Entrepreneurs

Being able to spend good time with your loved ones. You are the boss of your business and can choose your hours. Many entrepreneurs would like to co-own their business ventures.

According to National Federation of Independent Businesses (43% of small businesses are family-owned and managed by a spouse), 53 percent of these managers share day-to-day responsibilities with their spouses. Couple-owned companies have seen a significant rise in popularity as people choose to go into entrepreneurship.

It cannot be easy to work with your spouse. Baba Richard and Sri NamasteMoore are known together as “The Infinite Couple.” They are world-renowned relationship coaches who work with the most successful couples and individuals. The Infinite Life is a collection of courses and masterminds created by them to help individuals achieve their goals in business and life. These are their top tips on how to make a successful marriage.

Communicate openly and willingly

The best thing about working with a spouse? You can have honest and open communication. This could involve sharing your vision and goals for the business and future, setting milestones and goals, delegating tasks, and solving issues. Aware of how you communicate and willing to work harder to communicate effectively with your partner.

Richard says communication is much more than talking. “It means ‘to communicate.’ The tone of voice and body language are the main means of communication. More than 94% of communication happens through this. It is important to practice communication exercises or what we call “communication praxis.” Praxis is the practice of something.

Identify your strengths

Every partner brings something to the table in every business. One partner may be better at making deals or selling, while the other might be more comfortable developing strategies and managing the books behind the scenes. Couples can use their strengths and assign roles to each other to create a strong foundation. This will avoid unnecessary conflict.

Namaste believes that the whole is more than its parts. “We all have different strengths, and we should celebrate them, not diminish them or reduce them.” Couples can bring out their best when they acknowledge what each other brings to the table.

Know when it is time to end a marriage or separate your business.

There are many similarities between managing a successful company and making a marriage work. Both require partners to work in a team, be honest with one another, support each other, and show gratitude. However, it is essential to keep a clear line between work life and personal life. Without prioritizing clearly, problems within the business can seep into the relationships.

Namaste and Richard believe that marriage and business can be successful, but not the same way. Namaste states, “Couples must be married to each other, not just a dream.” “Marriage will be destroyed if it is less important than marriage.”

It is crucial to place your marriage first and consider how your business affects your relationship. 

Do not lose the sight of most important.

The process of building a business involves a lot more than just planning your budget. It’s possible to gain a better view by simply taking a step back and focusing on the present.

Richard says, “Too many people allow their life to get in the way of happiness.” They tell themselves that great things are possible for them when they make enough money or reach the next level. We teach them to focus on love and flip the telescope. Everything else becomes easier when you make love your most important priority.

Get to work

Richard and Namaste have been married for 18 years and have had a successful seven-figure enterprise. Their union is proof that partners can work together as entrepreneurs and not lose their love. While it might not be easy, a couple can make their dreams come true.

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