From hackers to entrepreneurs: connecting the best programmers with the companies that seek them as a business model

The best way toBe successful identify a market need and fill it. They are the creators of Hackademy There was more than one area of opportunity. Programming students and graduates needed more experience and preparation, and companies struggled to locate and recruit programmers ready for the real world of work.

“It takes a considerable number of developers in this industry, and traditional schools are not keeping pace. While there are many graduate programs, only a few have the necessary experience and knowledge. We bridge the gap between academia & industry. Fernando Gallardo explains this. Hackademy’s cofounder and CEO Interview with entrepreneur en Espanol.

He adds, “Let’s pretend that companies were the major leagues in any sport. We are the fundamental forces where they arrive and search for talent.” “We’re solving the vicious cycle of ‘I don’t hire people because they don’t know you’ and ‘I get to experience because nobody hires you. Here, they learn how to deal with the challenges of work.”

Hackademy The company was officially founded in Sinaloa’s Culiacan in 2018. However, the idea came about through a Fernando project. Tomato Valley. It is a group of entrepreneurs interested in technology and has a presence in 11 Mexican cities. The organization organizes workshops, events, and hackathons.

Academy was founded because of its ability to connect entrepreneurs.

Together, they have worked on numerous projects. UNESCO represents Mexico.ASHOKATheColegio de Mexico and theNational Institute of Indigenous PeoplesINPI They include. Apart from developing web pages and apps, they also work on computer vision projects that use artificial intelligence.

Swimming with sharks

However, the start had been in operation for some years, and its appearance on this website program called “Shark Tank Mexico.”They were able to achieve full-fledged status in 2019 thanks to the support of their board.

Academy wasn’t registered yet, so we needed it to participate. It was December 2018, and everyone was on vacation. We did everything. We even sold our computers to pay for registration.

The pitch by Fernando GallardoAnd his partner. Miguel Gastelum It was a huge success.

“Television, movies, and books have taught us that hackers are bad people who want to harm us. Hackers are people who enjoy learning, finding bugs in systems, improving them, and exploiting them. This is the reality. Gallardo said that Hackademy is hacking the process of learning and how companies hire their employees.

They attracted the attention of businesspeople and sharks in that instant.Marcus Dantus. He made an offer they couldn’t refuse: 500 000 pesos for 25% of the company. Then, their new partner offered them something more valuable than the capital injection: Marcus’ business coaching to reach new clients.

“He is very touched with the subject matter of business, and although I am in love with my project, I still need that to understand it. Gallardo stated that he has provided a lot of value to us and that he deserves my gratitude every time I have the opportunity.

In addition, exposure to the Sony show has helped many businesses and students to reach out, thereby fostering their growth.

Transforming Padawans in Jedis

Creators Hackademy To names one of the most well-known concepts within the geek world. We took the following: Padawans. The’Star Wars’ universe Padawan, “Something in between a student & an apprentice.” Obi-Wan Kenobi explains Anakin Skywalker.

Academy’s mission is to discover hidden talents at small universities, high schools, or technical schools throughout the country. The search goes beyond Mexico. They currently have Padawans coming from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela, and Venezuela.

When the candidates are admitted to the so-called “Apprenticeship” they begin the process.Programming Club where they are given a challenge and given 15 days to complete it. Only the most qualified and positive in attitude and aptitude will be invited for a second interview with the founding partners.

“The first is that they have the programming knowledge and attitude, and they are willing to put in 100%. In a round of Programming Club, there are 160 programmers. We have 6-8 Padawans members in each generation. Fernando explained this to Entrepreneur in Spanish.

This program is unlike any other. Hackademy charges no training fees to its trainees. We believe that technical training should be available to all and not a privilege. We don’t say it is free because they spend their time.” The CEO of the startup.”

The company earns income source:

  1. A company pays a recruiting fee for each Padawan it hires.
  2. With the help of mentors, the Padawans developed projects for institutions and companies.
  • Academy registration is just the start.
  • Each month, a new generation is opened by the startup to Padawans. They enter the intensive 20-week program. Bootcamp this time, they learn to develop projects from the start through finish. This includes everything from dealing with clients to determine their needs to developing software and uploading all to the server to delivering a working beta version.
  • Software development is not about the computer but people. According to the 35-year-old entrepreneur, it is essential to teach them how to improve communication skills and coordination.

Today Hackademy is home to more than 140 Padawans There are a range of activities and graduate workers, with an average age between 21- 25 years. But they have had apprentices aged 18-plus to 40. Many of these people are currently living and working abroad after companies with international standing recruited them.

“Our value proposition is that companies hire the Padawan from day one, except for super-specific training. They already have everything to get started working and generate value,” explained the company’s cofounder.

Academy is proud to have achieved many achievements in its first three years. But, Hackademy also knows that there are many more opportunities for growth, and they will take them. They are also about to launch Hackademy’s first-ever website. Future Developers Program, where they will teach close to 3,000 high-school seniors how to code in 10 weeks.

Our next goal is to open the company in America and hire Latin American talent.

“To have as many Padawans of excellence as possible” is the goal. There is a lot to be done in Latin America, and the region is well-equipped for the knowledge economy.

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