Who Is Kathy Hochul, The Lieutenant Gov. First In Line To Succeed Andrew Cuomo?

Hochul, a New York native, and long-time public official, would take over as the state’s57th chief executive–the first woman to serve in that role–for the remaining year of Cuomo’sterm if he were to leave office, as dictated by New York State Constitution.

The 62-year-old has served as Cumo’s second-in-command since 2015. During that time, she chaired New YYork’s10 Regional Economic Development Councils–a Cuomo initiative that funneled over $6.9 billion more than 8,300 projects across the state over the past decade, supporting over 240k jobs–and the state’s Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Abuse.

Hochul was also the spearhead of Cuomo’s “Enough is Enough” “campaign, which is a campaign to stop sexual assault on college campuses.

Hochul’sduties after the pandemic struck New York, consisted of acting as a local liaison throughout the state, meeting officials in 62 counties, and conducting media interviews.

Cuomo selected Hochul as his lieutenant- Governor during his second term in 2014. This was two years after she lost her bid in 2014 for re-elections. She held that seat for one time after becoming the first Democrat to win the Republican-leaning 26th district congressional district. But she lost it after a redistricting.

Hochul, who has experience in local politics in Erie County, was elected to Congress as a moderate “independent Democrat” and received endorsement from the National Rifle Association. This made her a valuable asset in New York’s Republican-leaning County.

The office of the Lieutenant governor did not respond when asked.

The Crucial Quote

Allies of the lieutenant governor had labeled her capable of leading in the state. The New York Post reported that Kathy was “absolutely ready” “in February when calls for Cuomo to resign. “She’s been, an aggressive bulldog from the beginning. She’s a great leader and knows exactly what is needed to make New York a better place.

The Key Background

Hochul once more took center stage after Letitia James (New York State Attorney General) announced Tuesday that her office had closed a five-month investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Governor. Cuomo. Cuomo. Cuomo harassed these female employees by making “unwelcome, non-consensual touching, and making many comments of a suggestive, and sexual nature that created a flexible workplace environment for women,” “James (a Democrat) announced at a Tuesday morning news conference. The New York attorney general told Cumo’sactions were in violation of state-federal law, and two of the state district aattorney’s offices–Albany and Westchester–have already moved to launch inquiries into whether Cumo’s conduct was criminal. Cuomo denies the more serious allegations and says he never inappropriately touched anyone or made inappropriate sexual advances.

Surprising Truth

Hochul called for an independent review of Cumo’s claims earlier this year. However, Hochul did not condemn Cuomo in Tuesday’statement. She cited her position as Cumo’s possible successor. Hochul stated, “the Attorney General has documented repulsive behavior by the Governor toward multiple women.” “o one is above laws. According to the New York Constitution, the Assembly will now decide on the next steps.

What to Look Out For

If Cuomo does not voluntarily resign, it will fall to the state legislatures to bring him to trial. Cuomo was being investigated by the New York State Assembly over months. It is the chamber with the power to bring charges against the Governor. Speaker Carl Heastie, a Democrat, said Tuesday that Cuomo could “o more remain in office” “so the legislature will accelerate its impeachment probe. This is just the beginning of this process.

Chief Critic

Heastie stated Cuomo had “ost trust in the assembly Democratic major.” “nice all evidence and documents pertinent to the Attorney General are received, we will expeditiously move and try to complete our impeachment investigation as fast as possible.”

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