Amazon Union Vote Should Be Redone, National Labor Official Says Amid Allegations Of Interference

“Amazon was vile throughout the election process. Amazon cheated and was caught. They are now being held accountable,” Stuart Appelbaum, President of RWDSU, said in a statement Monday.

Amazon indicated that it intends to appeal any rulings in a statement to Forbes. Amazon stated, they voted overwhelmingly in favor of a connection with their manager and the company.”

70.9% That’s the percentage at Amazon’s Bessemer warehouse, Ala., who voted against unionizing. This is large enough for Amazon not to lose more than 500 contested ballots.

RWDSU hopes Amazon’s fulfillment center, located in Bessemer in a suburb near Birmingham, will be transformed into America’s first unionized warehouse. Union supporters are attacking Amazon’s working conditions. They argue that Amazon‘s efficiency push has led to inhumane treatment, safety concerns, and poor working conditions. But Amazon encouraged workers to vote against the move and vigorously defended public complaints about low working standards. RWDSU protested against the election results. They claimed that Amazon had illegally threatened workers to layoffs and close down their businesses, as well as losing benefits if the unionization drive failed. Amazon denies all claims of worker intimidation.

Senators. The organizing effort was publicly supported by Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) as well as Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). Some observers believe that the fight to unionize one of the United States’ biggest private employers was a signal for other organizing campaigns.

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