Fire Breaks Out During Testing At One Of Tesla’s Biggest Battery Sites In Australia

While testing was taking place at a Tesla Megapack site in Australia, a fire broke out. This is an apparent setback for one of the most significant energy storage projects in the world.

The Victoria Big Battery Megapack will soon be the largest battery in the world once it is operational. The battery can store up to 450 megawatt-hours (MWh) of power and 300 megawatts of peak power. According to the project’s website, the extended battery’s stored energy could power one million households for half an hour. The storm has been upgraded to generate 150 MW of electricity since 2017. Neoen will manage the battery project and pay for its construction and maintenance. Consumers will have to pay the operating costs of this battery. This will be part of their energy bills. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, industry representatives criticize this arrangement as it lacks an independent assessment of the costs and benefits, along with a lack of clarity about how it would participate in the region’s electricity market. The state of Victoria considers the project essential in reaching its 50% renewable energy goal by 2030.

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