How noiseless props are made for movies & TV

Some objects, such as paper bags and ice cubes, or pool balls, can make a surprising amount of noise. This can pose a problem on set as unwanted sounds can block out dialogue. The prop team will make silent versions of natural products to give the sound team the best sound. Scott Reeder, Prop Master, has replaced loud pool balls in bars scenes of shows like Friday Night Lights with quieter painted racquetballs. Tim Schultz from Prop TRX makes more modest versions and sandwich bags, grocery bags, and cellophane using vinyl and fabric. This is as shown on “Entourage,” “Mike & Molly,” or “The Kominsky Method.” Reeder and Schultz showed us how they found quiet alternatives to some of the loudest props out there. Find more of Tim Schultz’s silent products here: check out more of Scott Reeder’s prop work here:

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