4 Ways To Use Online Content Platforms To Bring Value To Your Audience

LinkedIn and Facebook are two of the huge well known content platforms. Despite this, many business leaders still aren’t convinced and are not taking advantage of this resource.

It raises an obvious concern. Why would business leaders hesitate to invest in a medium that is inexpensive or even free and has millions of eyeballs?

However, no marketing strategy can be truly free if your company has to allocate staff time. A successful social media campaign requires huge processes. Your approach to content via social media and other platforms without a well-planned plan and content guidelines could be disastrous for your brand or, even worse, make it look not good.

Ask yourself every time you post something to engage with a worldwide audience via any content platform. Here are four possible categories you could include in your content strategy. These can help attract followers and offer value.

1. Share your vision

Audiences are aware that companies are driven by the desire to make money. The company vision behind its products and services is often not as apparent. Many entrepreneurs see their business as filling a social need and are seeking to raise capital to realize that dream.

Businesses have a unique opportunity to share its vision through content platforms with current and potential customers. Pictures are more accessible than any one product or passing trend. Positive mission statements align with customers’ growing desire to support brands that share the same values and interests.

Ecosia, an online search engine that promotes the environmental vision of Ecosia to gain new users, is one example of how to market a mission-focused product. Ecosia provides information and resources to web users, just like other search engines. But its goal is to make a profit that will be used to plant trees in the world.

Ecosia’s earnings reports are entirely transparent. Ecosia uses social media to track the share of profits that have been used to further its vision. Ecosia’s market share has grown to over 128,000,000 trees.

2.Increase your Accessibility

Brands willing to help customers with their problems or answer any questions they may have will be appreciated. These customers also spend a lot on social media.

The average global citizen spends almost two and a quarter hours daily on social media and other content sites. Open up direct messaging for customers to make your business more accessible. Customers may prefer these channels to email or phone calls. Many customers prefer to send quick messages via social media before forgetting to reach out.

Brands have many examples of using social media comments sections to interact with customers. Users can leave comments and receive replies from brands asking for clarifications or quickly providing solutions. It’s a great thing for customers to see a brand reach out to them about specific issues.

3.Demonstrate consistency

Content is king, as they play hugge role in marketing. In the two hours that consumers spend on social media content platforms, they consume gigabytes.

The majority of what they see is carefully designed to catch their attention, even for only a few seconds. Your social media presence must compete with an endless supply of background noise.

You don’t need to make viral content to cause your platform to go bust. It’s challenging and unlikely to get viral. Plus, it will only last a few days or even weeks. Your audience will appreciate your consistency.

Establish a schedule for posting. This will help you keep your content current and your accounts active, thereby encouraging your followers to return for more. The next step is to establish a cohesive voice and design that can be easily associated with the brand. Make sure you provide the content your audience needs—great content platform launch platforms for information on new product introductions, special offers, and long-range projects.

4.Get feedback.

Online content platforms are great for getting the feedback you might not get otherwise. Feedback from customers is often the best way to get the direction you need to increase your audience’s value.

Avoid the temptation to browse through comments and posts on social media. Instead, use polls and surveys to solicit feedback and post that ask questions and call for action to get it. It would be best if you used any feedback that you get.

Use your online content to showcase what you’re doing with customer feedback. This will let customers know that you take their input seriously and do your best in catering to their real-world needs.

It can be enjoyable to create content platforms with your team. Be positive and keep the value of every content platform decision.

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