Niching Down For Success

Sonia Ganger, five years ago, was still building her business and couldn’t figure out her niche. Her extensive experience in fashion, marketing, and event production led her to realize that South-Asian wedding planners would be her greatest asset. Talk about niching down! She has had great success in focusing her efforts on this segment of the wedding industry and suggests that you also get as specific as possible. These are two methods that will help you narrow your niche.

Ganger’s Toronto-based business Chic Luxury Events specializes in luxury weddings. According to Ganger, “Niching down” allows you to be more precise with the details. The details create an event unique, increase word-of-mouth exposure and ensure flawless execution. If you are a master of your niche, you’ll naturally recognize the small but significant details that make your brand stand out.

Ganger’s intimate understanding of her niche enabled her to continue building clientele, even amid the pandemic.

Sonia is known for her ability to build trust quickly with clients. This is because she is so well-versed in her field. Ganger’s ability to connect and listen attentively allows her to paint the vision for clients and translate it through a design board and finally in real life.

Ganger leverages testimonials and design boards and case studies that show what past clients want and what they get. These are both used to build trust and highlight Ganger’s skills and expectations. Her educational content is free and contains many essential and rarely talked about tips. This helps build trust. She holds interviews in which frequently asked questions are answered and then follows up with FAQ postings so people can get acquainted even before they meet her face-to-face.

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