10 Virtual Team-Building Activities Employees Will Love

Over the past year, the workplace has seen a significant shift, with many companies shifting to completely remote work. The new working environment demands a unique management style. It is more important for leaders to find ways of bringing together their teams. This can be done through virtual team-building activities.

Young Entrepreneur Council’s ten members offer their opinions on the following question to help you plan your activities.

Small businesses: What is one low-budget activity that leaders can do to bring their employees closer?

  1. Monthly informal virtual meetings

Small companies can hold virtual meetups every month. You can invite your team members to these meetings. You can arrange many team-building games, such as “Guess Whose Desk Is,” a personal fact-guessing round, or picture-sharing rounds. This will give your team members the feeling of knowing each other even if you haven’t met face-to-face. 

2. Zoom Friday Happy Hours

We meet on Fridays for a beer or coffee or soda. It’s a chance to chat about other things. A weekly game night has also been a great success.

3. Kahoot is a team trivia game.

Kahoot is an excellent tool for creating your team trivia. Zoom in with your team and have fun. You can also ask personal questions of team members to make it even more enjoyable. Then you’ll see how much each person knows about the other. 

4. Multiplayer gaming

It is possible to play multiplayer gaming with your company. While it might seem like a waste of time and a waste of money, gaming can do more than build relationships between players. It encourages creativity and strategic thinking, which could be precisely what your team needs to feel recharged and see a better solution. 

5. Team quizzes

Group quizzes are great for keeping people engaged and bringing them together. Insignificant group call situations, it is common for some members to be left behind. You can have some fun with the quiz and even ask an industry-specific question. 

6. A virtual escape room

Virtual escape rooms are a fun activity that can be done with your team to build trust and cooperation. There are many ways to conduct this activity, including whether or not you use an outside service. Get to know your fellow workers, and share your knowledge. 

7. Music talks or jam sessions

Music is an excellent way of bonding with your team. Zoom lets you share your favorite music or a story about a memorable concert. This helps people get to know each other and develop relationships. You can even go further and hold a virtual jam session. You have the possibility that several members of your team play an instrument. If this is the case, you can do karaoke, sing a cover tune or even hold a virtual songwriting workshop. Shaun Conrad from Guitar Repair Bench

8. A virtual cookie decorating class

I recommend taking a class in cookie decorating. One of our employees runs a cookie business, and she taught our team how to make cookies online. It was an funny experience for everyone and a break from our usual virtual happy hours

9. Quick expression of gratitude

Each person begins every virtual standup by expressing one thing they are thankful for. It sets the mood for the meeting, everyone has a chance to talk, and we get to learn more about each other with each call

10. Let’s Celebrate” posts

Slack has a new channel, “Let’s Celebrate,” which allows you to host holiday gatherings and other celebrations. It lets us wish our coworkers well for special occasions. Zoom calls can also be themed to reflect holidays. Managers dressed up and encouraged team members to dress up this Halloween.

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