Google’s 5 Best Practices For Optimizing Deal Pages

Google offers six best practices to optimize deal pages for search results after making them accessible for all eCommerce store owners.

Google announced yesterday that deal page templates are now available for all retailers. This allows eCommerce retailers to highlight promotional and discount offers in search results quickly.

Deal pages are URLs that address specific sales events like Cyber Monday and Black Friday. These pages are displayed in search results and a carousel when sales events have occurred.

Google offers five optimization techniques to help retailers maximize the potential of deal pages or the deals carousel.

How to Optimize Google Deal Pages for Search Results

Based on what Google learned last year from Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales, these best practices can be used to reach more shoppers through the deals carousel.

  • For each event, could you create a page dedicated to it? Google encourages retailers to develop deals pages to promote all promotional events, not just Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  • Include the event description in your page title, such as “Black Friday 2021 deals” The page title is usually incorporated into the text in the deals carousel.
  • Include an image that is relevant to the sale. Show products on sale, or add banner text to highlight special offers and discounts.
  • Add text to describe the event in the page content. This helps Google identify the page that is relevant to a sale.
  • Don’t reveal any sales information on the day of an event. Provide general information about your event so Google can identify the relevance of the page. Then, ask Google for a recrawl of the page once it has been updated.

Google has stated that banner text should not be included in images. However, text in images can help on deal pages.

Google also states that text embedded in images should be included in the textual content of the page as well as in the appropriate alt text attributes. The ideal aspect ratio for pictures within the deals carousel ranges from 4:3 to 3:1.

Google suggests that site owners register their promotional offers in Google Merchant Center to show deals across more surfaces.

The US deals carousel currently only operates for limited sales events and is limited to the US.

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