Arctic explorer rates 9 polar survival scenes In tv shows and movies

Dwayne Fields, Explorer, looks at nine scenes that depict polar exploration in popular TV and movie shows and gives them a rating based on their realism. Fields look at “The Day After Tomorrow,” “Eight Below” (2006), and “The Midnight Sky” (2020). He also examines “The Terror” (2018) and “The Thing” (1982). “Whiteout” (2009), Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” (1980), as well as “Shackleton” (2012). Fields were born and raised in Jamaica. Areas became the first Black Briton in 2010 to walk over 400 miles towards the magnetic North Pole. Fields have had many adventures around the Arctic Circle. He will lead the #WeTwo expedition of young people to Antarctica by 2022.

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